New Autonapůl price list from March 1, 2021

We have been working for you throughout 2020 on a lot of changes which were aimed at improving our services and providing you the greatest possible comfort and benefit. And now comes one change that will greatly help us - gain more space for further service development, expanding the vehicle fleet, increasing the quality and equipment of cars and much more. That change is the new Autonapůl price list.

Year 2020 for Autonapůl

The year 2020 was exceptional for everyone, whether good or bad. It was full of twists and new challenges. The same for Autonapůl carsharing.
The first wave of the worldwide Covid19 pandemic stormed in during spring. And the autumn prepared a second wave for us, along with other restrictions. Nevertheless, carsharing could always continue, it was not banned, despite the hight cost of very intensive care for shared cars. It was not an easy period for Autonapůl either, but it brought us new experiences and lessons. We fought with it with honor, we persevered and we move on!


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