Electric CitigoE iV Akira in Brno

A newcomer among electric cars in the Brno fleet Autonapůl is Akira, a small CitigoE iV. In a bright green colour with a cheerful stickers, it offers an agile ride and a real electric range of about 150-240 km - the most economical is a city ride.

Autonapůl is always with you and offers discounted reservations for Week + EXTENDED

If you need to be mobile, we are happy to help you. You can use Autonapůl for safer daily commuting to work, a trip away from the city, lend a car to somebody in your family, or for community help. Or all together 🙂 And now, if you book a car for a week or longer, we will only charge the first 3 days according to the price list and the fourth to seventh day will be for free! The eighth day and all others are paid according to the Price List.

Tesla Model S in the Autonapůl fleet

Until Elon Musk introduced the first Tesla Roadster and Model S, electric cars were boring, ugly and full of compromises. But electric cars have something to say.

Thanks to Autonapůl and Share-Me, you can ride a great, electric car that offers incredible power (310 hp and 600 Nm) and luxury on board. The first shared Tesla in self-service carsharing mode is here for you 😉.

More information about Tesla from our offer and loan conditions on a special page.


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