Carsharing companies GoDrive and Autonapůl have teamed up to make rentals cheaper

In České Budějovice, there is a local carsharing service called GoDrive, which currently offers 20 shared cars, including one CitigoE electric car. So we joined forces, we are leaving České Budějovice, but we decided to make mutual rentals more convenient. Instead of one Fabia Autonapůl, you will have a larger GoDrive fleet at your disposal for your visits to South Bohemia. We want to continue to focus on other cities in the Autonapůl network.

Tesla is back - Olaf strengthens the Autonapůl fleet - Tesla Model 3

We have prepared a special gift for Autonapůl carsharers for the holidays - Tesla is in the Autonapůl fleet again. This time it is a Tesla Model 3, which is a full part of the fleet. This is not an external collaboration and therefore you will avoid the initial training you had to undergo earlier.


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