About Autonapůl

Autonapůl is the first Czech carsharing with the ambition to gradually connect all major cities in the Czech Republic. Read more about us.

Each of our users can now use shared cars in Brno, Prague, Liberec, Pilsen, Ostrava, Olomouc, Hradec Králové and Pardubice.

Our main goal is to offer an easy, clever and responsible mobility service. Thanks to carsharing, a user who only needs a car only occasionally has a diverse fleet at his disposal and can thus save a lot of worries and money. One shared car Autonapůl can replace up to 15 private cars thanks to efficient use. A privately owned car is typically used about 5% of the time, while shared cars 30-50% of the time.

We save the environment by reducing emissions and reducing the need for parking spaces.

Renault Trafic Autonapul Brno

We started car sharing years ago. At that time mainly for own use. Gradually, our community of friends and their friends, who also liked it, grew respectably. We now have dozens of cars available in many cities.

All cars we offer are owned and purchased by us as new. The average age is under 3.5 years. You will not find a car older than 6 years with us. But with us you will find, for example, a 9-seater Transit or Trafic, electric cars or cars with an automatic transmission such as the Škoda Rapid or Scala.

Our cars are not just numbers in the list. Everyone has its own name, its own zone and its experiences. We don't need hundreds of them, we just have them so that together we can create space for people and share opportunities for sustainable mobility.

AutoMat jezdí s Autonapůl

Autonapůl carries social responsibility in its genes. We support local communities in the cities where we operate. We emphasize a personal approach, customer satisfaction is important to us, and the associated feedback from our users.

We are a member Change for the Better Business initiative (Změna k lepšímu). We support projects such as Záchranka Application, Swap Prague, IDFF Ji.hlava, AutoMat activities such as Bike To Work or The Different City Experience. We regularly participate in Earth Days. We behave responsibly towards the environment in our daily activities.

We perceive carsharing as one of the tools of sustainable transport and we want to contribute to a responsible society.

About Autonapůl in time

Autonapůl team

Stanislav Kutáček Autonapůl

Stanislav Kutáček

chairman of the cooperative

First we passed the keys. Since 2005, we have had the first online reservation system: we used open source for room reservations. We now offer a "car in a mobile phone" - a mobile application is enough for booking, picking up and returning a car.

Michal Simonik Autonapul o nas

Michal Šimoník

director of Autonapůl

Autonapůl works for individuals as well as for corporate customers. It is important for us to utilizate cars so that carsharing makes sense. One shared car Autonapůl can replace 15-17 privately owned cars.

Kristyna Herrmannova

Kristýna Herrmannová

marketing, community Autonapůl

Autonapůl has its own community of carsharers, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. We are glad that we offer a service with a value added, above all, an emphasis on the satisfaction of our users. Positive reviews about us are the best thanks.

Matej Kamenik Autonapul o nas

Matěj Kameník

fleet manager, Autonapůl marketing

Autonapůl operates in several cities. Many things, such as reservations, work online, but it is also necessary to ensure the correct distribution of the fleet, its technical condition, parking permits, etc. Sharing a car will save you a lot of worries about its operation.

Petr Urban

Petr Urban

care of the car fleet Prague, Liberec, Pilsen, Hradubice

We take care of the fleet regularly. Autonapůl cars are ready to travel with their carsharers not only in the Czech Republic, but also on long trips abroad. We offer a wide range of cars, extra equipment and great support.

Adela Tomancakova Autonapul o nas

Adéla Tomančáková

Autonapůl customer support

Autonapůl provides its customers with non-stop telephone support, but we are also available for you via e-mail, chat or social networks.

Ludvik Trnka Autonapul o nas

Ludvík Trnka


"As the first full member of Autonapůl, I have always taken care of a fair distribution of costs. Autonapůl strives for maximum financial friendliness towards clients with the expectation of healthy payment morale."

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