Autonapul was the first member of carsharing association in the Czech Republic. We will soon link up all major cities in the country.
Each of our customers can use cars in any city where our service is available (currently Brno, Prague, Liberec, Pilsen, Ostrava, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Olomouc and České Budějovice).

Our mission is to provide an easy, clever and responsible mobility service. Someone who needs a car only time to time can use a car from our varied fleet and thus save a lot of time and money. One shared car can replace up to ten private cars thanks to the efficiency of our system. A privately owned car is typically used around 5% of the time, while shared cars 30-50% of the time. That's 6x - 10x more.This helps protect the environment by decreasing air pollution and the pressure on building parking spaces in cities. 

We started sharing cars years ago. Back then mainly for our own use. Gradually, we have grown a respectable community of friends and their friends, who also suited it. We now have dozens of cars available in many cities. All the cars we offer are owned and bought by us as new. The average age is below 2.5 years. You cannot find a car older than 5 years. But you can find here 9-seated Transit, electric cars or cars with automatic transmission.

Autonapůl has social responsibility in its genes. We support local communities in the cities where we operate. We emphasize personal approach, customer satisfaction and feedback from our users is important to us. We are a member of the decent business movement Slušná firma. We support projects such as Záchranka App (A Life-Saving Mobile App), Swap Prague, AutoMat activities such as Bike to work or The Different City Experience festival. We regularly present our activities at Earth Day events. We behave responsibly towards the environment in our daily activities. We consider carsharing as one of the tools of sustainable transport and we want to contribute to a responsible society. 

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"Convenient, economic, sustainable, and reliable service. I don't recall using any service of any sort offering such a friendly user experience! 

Highly recommended!"

"Used the service a few times already. Works great, great service, the cars were always clean and without fault, easy to use. Definitely recommended."

"Great service, english speaking support team, documents and booking system. Highly recommended"

"good for planet, good for your wallet, and it just works"


Autonapůl historie

The fleet of shared cars in the course of 2019 consisted of 70-80 vehicles with which Autonapůl users travelled more than 1.3 million kilometers not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout Europe.

Test operation in Zlín is terminated due to low usage of the car. It is likely that we will return to Zlín sooner or later.

We are further strengthening our operations in 9 other Czech cities.

We are introducing a new user-intuitive mobile application for the reservation system.

Year 2019 for Autonapůl on our blog.

At the beginning of the year we have 73 cars and during March we are starting our test operation in the 10th Czech city - Zlín.

We've added the first Autonapůl electric car - the Renault Zoe - to our Fleet.


We are in České Budějovice. And of course we added more new cars for our new as well as current customers.

We stilll grow and expand to Pardubice and  Hradec Králové and lately also to Olomouc. Our users now can share cars in 8 cities. This year we finish with 55 cars.

January: expansion to Ostrava.
Our user can easy, clever and responsible share 21 cars in 5 cities.

Autonapul initiated establishment of the Association of Czech Carsharing.

Important milestone: introduction of professional carsharing technology, enabling access to cars using chip cards. We operate 17 cars and the number of users is steadily growing. Further growth has been supported by a grant from the Via Foundation (Prague) under their “Better Business” programme, financially supported by UniCredit Bank. Operations in Plzeň and Ostrava were kicked off, thus covering all five of the biggest cities in the country.

Expansion to Liberec and Prague.

Autonapul has grown to 70+ sharers and nine cars, so a cooperative is founded. The number of members in the cooperative is restricted; most people are part of client relationships. Members of the cooperative are usually closely involved in the management of Autonapul. Financing further growth is successfully provided by members and sharers, only from the outside in exceptional cases. All the work around it is still done voluntarily.

Important milestone: merger with another carsharing association in Brno, Autodruzstvo. This brings the fifth car into the fleet, as well as new enthusiastic members. Soon the number of users and cars starts to climb, and it is clear that we need more than an association for our organizational structure.

Autonapul becomes the first ever Czech carsharing association. It is the result of an inspiration among the families of friends. Based on plenty of foreign examples, one of the founding members has made his old car available for the experiment and so sharing is started. The Autonapul association has always owned its fleet of cars, and we have not experimented with any peer-to-peer system, where cars belong to individual members.


Stanislav Kutáček


Hana Riegelová

Sales Representative

Michal Šimoník

Director of Operations

Pavel Pančocha

fleet management Brno

Petr Urban

fleet management Prague

Kristýna Herrmannová

customer care Prague