Advice on the road

We are really sorry. Are at the location of pin on the map? Text address is not reliable and can be a little bit off. Not working? Call helpline
Check whether you have a valid reservation for this time period. The car will not let you in before your reservation starts. After editing your reservation wait one minute and try it again. Not working? Call helpline
There can be two typical causes. First check whether you are logged in. Find an on board unit - a grey box with display typically placed on top of the windscreen. It should show the text “Information”/”Informace”. If it shows “To login …”/”Pro přihlášení …” try to present your chipcard to the card reader again in the same way as when you were unlocking the car. Wrong start up procedure is a second typical cause. Can you turn the key? If not turn the steering wheel a bit to unlock it. Also be sure you step on the clutch in a car with manual gearbox or on a brake in a car with an automatic gearbox. Automatic car also require having gearstick in the P or N position. Not working? Call helpline
If a car doesn’t lock even if you present your chipcard to the card reader try to check whether the key has been properly returned to the jack. Try to pull it and push it again. The on board unit beeps and the card reader starts blinking with a green color. Now it will surely work. Not working? Call helpline
You can find the green folder with documents or any document is missing? Let us know immediately - call helpline.

Fill the tank using CCS cards placed in a car. Don't refuel with premium fuels. CCS cards can pay for car wash or windshield washer liquid too. The cars are valid in the Czech republic as well as in Slovakia. You can use the following mobile application to find a petrol station accepting CCS:

Fill your tank and say to cashier that you want to pay with CCS. Select “Prodej” on the CCS terminal, confirm the amount and enter PIN written on the inner side of the green folder.

You can either use a “Tank Navigator” mobile app - or look for the CCS logo at the petrol station entrance.

If you cannot pay by CCS you can use any other means to pay for fuel. You have to take a tax receipt, mark it with your name and put it to the envelop in the car. For quick billing, upload the receipt to the application via the "Cashback" button, more information here.

Don’t panic. Make sure you and everybody around is safe and call police. Call helpline. Make a detailed photo documentation of the accident. The green folder in each car contains instructions what to do in case of accident. And again. Don’t panic it will be all right.
It is necessary to return the car to the parking zone where it belongs. Parking zone is specified in the reservation system. The parking zone map is available in the green folder in the car or can look at your city page in this website.
Let us know at the helpline. We will solve it asap. It is enough to send a text message. Or you can send a photo to Thank you!
The head light doesn’t work? The car doesn’t function properly? It happens. Let us know at the helpline we will help you to solve the problem.
Please make a photo and send it to We will take a look and let you know what to do next. Just to be sure call helpline as well. Thank you!