Autonapůl is always with you and offers discounted reservations for Week +


As for the majority of people living in this country your movement has got limited within your homes. It’s new and hard for everyone, anyway Autonapůl is still here for you! We take care of shared cars even more than before. Please be responsible to yourself and others. All our steps and recommendations can be found in our previous text.

If you need to be mobile, we are here to to help you. You can use Autonapůl for safer daily commuting to work, a trip away from the city, lent a car somebody in your family, or community help. We have already offered special conditions for monthly bookings, which were met with a positive response.

Nobody knows what will happen in a week or a month, so we have prepared a special more flexible offer Week+. If you book a car for a week or longer, we will only charge the first 3 days according to the price list and the fourth to seventh day will be for free! The eighth day and all others are paid according to the Price List.

How it’s calculated:

Budget for 7 days for 1130 CZK (8th day and next for 320 CZK)

Economy for 7 days for 1390 CZK (8th day and more for 390 CZK)

Comfort for 7 days for 1820 CZK (8th day and more for 490 CZK)

Grand for 7 days for 3590 CZK (8th day and next for 990 CZK)

Electro for 7 days for 1820 CZK (8th day and others for 490 CZK)

Mileage is charged according to the standard price list. Prices are VAT included. For this weekly offer you don’t have to do anything, just make a reservation. Valid for all reservations finished by April 30 23:30.

Thank you for being with us 💚.