Autonapůl is part of the Decent Business movement

Slušná firma

Autonapůl is part of the Decent Business (Slušná firma) movement. It is a connection of Czech and Slovak companies that operate on the principles of decency.

Decency (or ethics, morality, thoughtfulness) is a fundamental human value without which no human society can exist in the long term. For decent companies, interests such as planet, community, customer, employees, owners should be balanced. The Manifesto of the Movement says: “The company is one of the fundamental building blocks of our socio-economic system. How it works co-determines the values ​​and overall debugging of the company. It is a place where we spend a huge part of our vigilant lives and that provides most of our needs: We make our living here, make friends, buy what we need. Work is the foundation of our identity and social status, and marketing brands connect us with other people. ”

Autonapůl wants to operate thoughtfully with respect to our planet. We create space for people.