Autonapůl joined the virtual journey to the Cape of Good Hope as part of the ADRA eDrive project

Come with us!

ADRA eDrive project

Autonapůl joined the virtual journey to the Cape of Good Hope as part of the ADRA eDrive project. This is a unique charity event associated with electromobility.

Drive to Cape of Good Hope on an e-bike, bicycle or electric car and do something for your health and the planet. And not only that. By participating, you will also support ADRA’s humanitarian projects in Africa. The road is long, it’s exactly 16,825 km, so join in and help get to your destination. Will the participants of the event manage to get back to the Czech Republic and bring a piece of much-needed hope with them?

Let’s support electromobility and symbolically reach the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. Africa is very sparsely covered by charging stations, but that does not prevent us from traveling at least virtually. It has great potential in using the sun to produce electricity. Let’s show together that not only an electric car can drive to the southernmost tip of Africa.

How can you get to the Cape of Good Hope?

ADRA eDrive project

Register here.

Embark on a journey wherever you like, between May 20 and 30.

In Brno you can also use Autonapůl electric cars for the trip, which will be marked with the ADRA eDrive magnet, or choose a bike or an electric bike.

The kilometers traveled should correspond to the kilometers you committed to when registering (but it is not necessary): 280 crowns ~ 40 km; 420 crowns ~ 60 km; 560 crowns ~ 80 km, 700 crowns ~ 100 km. However, you can divide the route into smaller sections, as long as it is during the ten mentioned days.

And what else?

Share the challenge between your colleagues and friends.

  • take a photo of your ride and share your photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #jedunamys
  • mark Adra in the article (on Instagram under the adra_cz profile, on Facebook under the ADRA CZ profile), but also company @autonapul
  • don’t forget to invite your friends and colleagues to go to the cape too 🙂
  • enjoy the ride with the good feeling that we have helped those who need it together.

Who is participating in support?

With its clean ride, you will support ADRA’s humanitarian projects in Africa, specifically in Niger and Zambia. In the Nigerian city of Ouallam, the funds raised will be used to build school classrooms for Malian and local children, but also to build a deep well that will provide enough drinking water for the locals. In Zambia, we will use the money to help prevent the spread of covid-19. Specifically, we provide various training and protective equipment. We will also be involved in livelihood assistance – the distribution of seeds to establish gardens or livestock, such as goats and hens.

Thank you for helping us with your miles.

All information about the event is also here: #jedunamys


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