Reservations and trips

Reservation is billed in 30 min intervals. If your reservation is overdue, every started 30 min interval is billed.
Reservation is billed as it looked like when it started. Making it shorter during reservation as well as prematurely finishing the reservation doesn't affect billed duration. Therefore customers are encouraged to do all changes to the reservation before it starts. Important note: reservation system shows your trip in the last state, e.g. after shortening. This shortened reservation doesn't neccessarily need to be the same as the reservation you have entered and the reservation to be billed to you.
Kilometers are accounted by a fixed amount per each km driven. Price for the distance driven is calculated as the sum of the price for kms up to 200 plus the price for kms above 200.
If your reservation is longer than 24h the rule of maximum daily rate is used - each 24 hours are billed as 10 hours. E.g. 16h billed as 10h, 29h billed as 15h, 49h as 21h etc.
Absolutely! The last hour is not book when not used. Add a 1h buffer to each reservation to avoid stress and potential conflict with the next customer.
Always before reservation starts. If you shorten the reservation while in progress we will bill you with the next 24h hours from the originally booked hours (starting with the moment you have cancelled your reservation). The maximum daily rate rule applies here as well.

Yes. Expenses in foreign currencies will be refunded according to the exchange rate valid at the day of your expense.

The expense must be supported by a tax document, which you take a picture of and send during the booking via the "Cashback" button in the booking application or by e-mail. Then insert the signed receipt into the green folder in the vehicle. More information here.

We will refund: fuel liquids (no premium fuels), bulbs and other operating stuff necessary to run the vehicle car wash (with a receipt) manual wash in a box or vacuum cleaning (also without a receipt) car reparation on the trip after an accident (phone acceptance needed) We will NOT refund: car reparation after a traffic accident caused by you. Insurance rules apply here. foreign highway stickers (Czech highway vignettes are included in each car) unapproved car towing expenses not proven by receipt (exceptions above) unapproved reparation or maintenance fines (fines cause by you will be billed to you in the next billing period), premium fuels


All cars have mandatory insurance following from the Czech law. As for the all risk insurance Autonapůl negotiates different types of insurance for different vehicles to optimize the costs. You do no need to care. The insurance terms and conditions and participation are the same for all Autonapůl vehicles.
If a traffic accident happens property of Autonapůl has been damaged. Autonapůl constitutes the third party, which has not been direct participant of the accident. Therefore, it is always necessary to fill the accident form (available at each car) and call police in order to identify the accident guilty party. According to this decision rules of participation apply. If you are not sure don't panic. Call helpline and we will help you with the next steps. Lifes and health are the most important and we can handle property damage.

If you haven't caused an accident you pay nothing. All costs will be paid by an insurance company of the guilty party.

If you cause an accident the rule of 25% from damage over 8,000 CZK capped at 40,000 CZK applies. A couple of examples.

If the damage is 3,000 CZK your participation is 3,000 CZK. If the damage is 10,000 your participation is 8,500 CZK. If the damage is 100,000 CZK your participation is 31,000 CZK. If the damage is 200,000 CZK your participation is 40,000 CZK.

Insurance "Jistota Plus" for 299 CZK per month decreses your participation. When activated, then your participation cap is 3,000 CZK. So even if damage is as high as 200,000 CZK you still pay only 3,000 CZK.

The participation will be added to your next invoice.

If you cause a vehicle damage and it is not a traffic accident (usually a small scratch at a parking lot) the same rule as for the accident apply. Of course you do not need to call police. Just call the helpline to let us know which repairs we need to handle. Companies! If you use Autonapul costs for tax deduction please pay consistently with CCS. Accounting other costs may be complicated from the accounting point of view.


Invoices are sent via e-mail after a calender month passes, typically until the fifth day of the next month. It includes all reservations that ended in this month. Reservations spanning the month boundary are placed to the latter month. Invoice due date is 14 days.
You can pay for Autonapůl service via encashment enabling. How to set it up: Allow to encash from an account Autonapůl č. 2300203634/2010 (FIO banka). Frequency 1 per month, limit double your highest invoice and do put neither variable, specific nor constant symbols. Let us know your account number and intention to use encashment at

Yes. You can (typically to your company or your employer). Please send us your invoice details to and we will let you know the details.