Brend new Škoda Octavia Maude in Pankrác zone with a new unit

Octavia Maude

Maybe you have realized that the car wasn’t exactly where it was reported in the reservation system. Or, when you unlock car using your phone, you think everything could be much faster than it is? We are working intensively to solve similar problems and one of the possible solutions is a brand new type of HW unit in the car.

From now, you can test a new unit in the brand new Škoda Octavia combi Maude in the Pankrác zone. Maude has improved standard Comfort category equipment: it includes cruise control, bluetooth and newly phone mirroring via Android Auto / Apple Carplay as well as heated seats, towbar and environmental sticker to enter the low-emission zones of German cities (the so-called Umwelt ZONE)

GPS positioning in the new unit should be significantly more accurate, and unlocking / locking the car over the phone is significantly faster than previously common. Nothing changes in the way it is used. You can still get into the car with your chip card and the keys are in the glove box. We will appreciate your feedback with using Maude.