Carsharing Brno


Autonapůl also creates space for people in Brno. One shared car replaces up to ten private cars. In Brno we offer Škoda Citigo, Škoda Fabia combi, Škoda Rapid, Škoda Octavia combi, Kia Ceed combi and Ford Transit (see your shared cars section). If you are interested in the comparison of carsharing and ordinary rental, please read the article on our blog.

Autonapůl customers from Brno can also use cars in other cities where Autonapůl operates. You only register once and then all the cars from the 10 major cities where Autonapůl has cars are available in your mobile.

After the end of your reservation the cars are parked in designated parking area shown on the map below.

Our goal is to offer a easy, clever and responsible mobility service. Your car in your mobile.

Brno extras


Renault Zoe with range up to 300km is available in Brno. It's parking location is Cyrilska street next to the Impact Hub. Zoe doesn't have a card reader so have your smartphone with mobile app ready when you want to use it.

Transit and Trailers

9-person Ford transit is available in Brno. It is possible to use to transport of a higher number of persons as well as a load. Standard driving licence (group B) suffices. Of course, you can connect trailer to this vehicle. Some cars can trail a trailer too and they are marked so in a reservation system.

Office & Renting Equipment

Autonapůl office in Brno has been working since October 2017 at the address Křenová 52 - Nosretti business center building, the third floor. Somebody usually sits at the office from 8 till 16, but please be aware that we sometimes need to go out to take care of the cars. It is always wise to book you meeting time in the office in advance. Brno office can rent roof rack and other equipment. Call helpline for more information.

Residential parking scheme in Brno

In the new scheme, three modes of on street parking will be available:

blue zone – for residents, ie. citizens with permanent residence in the given area or home owners,
green zone – for subscribers, ie. entrepreneurs and/or operators of office houses in the city centre, or owners of business properties,
orange zone – for visitors in the pay as you go mode.
Typically, the zones are accompanied by an explanation table Mo-Fr 8-16h, see photo.

You need to care neither about colors nor parking machines! You can park and Autonapůl car in a zone of any color. You can even leave the car there after finishing your reservation – this holds only to cars assigned to the central Brno – A zone. Go to the Brno page to see how Autonapůl parking zones are designed.

Above all: nothing prevents you from driving to the historical city center. The center is marked by traffic signs prohibiting access saying “Vehicles with permission of OD MMB excluded.! All Autonapůl vehicles hold this permission. You don’t need to be afraid of the signs.

Warning: don’t park on some special spots – they are prohibited to everyone. These special spots include:

• spots reserved for a specific vehicle (with a licence plate number next to the parking spot)
• spots with time-limited reservation for a specific entity (e.g. office, small business, hotel) – you can’t park there even outside of operating hours
• paid spots (you can park there on your own costs during your reservation but please don’t leave the cars there after you finish the reservation)
• spots behind the gates (you can park there on your own costs during your reservation but please don’t leave the cars there after you finish the reservation)

You can find detailed info including photos and examples of correct and incorrect parking on a separate parking page.

Parking zones

Your cars

Budget Economy Komfort Grand Trailer Elektro
Škoda Citigo 6x
Škoda Fabia 12x
Kia Ceed 1x
Kia Ceed 2x
Škoda Octavia 3x
Škoda Rapid 4x
Ford Transit 1x
přívěsný vozík 1x
Renault Zoe 1x
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