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Carsharing Liberec


Autonapůl also creates space for people in Liberec. One shared car replaces up to ten private cars. In Liberec we offer Škoda Fabia and Škoda Citigo and also electromobile Renault Zoe (see your shared cars section). If you are interested in the comparison of carsharing and ordinary rental, please read the article on our blog.

Autonapůl customers from Liberec can also use cars in other cities where Autonapůl operates (e.g. Škoda Octavia, Ford Transit, Kia Ceed). You only register once and then all the cars from 9 major cities where Autonapůl has cars are available in your mobile.

After the end of your reservation, the cars are parked in the designated parking area shown on the map below.

Our goal is to offer a easy, clever and responsible mobility service. Your car in your mobile.


Liberec extras


Renault Zoe with range up to 300km is available in Liberec. It's parking location is ZOO Liberec. Zoe doesn't have a card reader so have your smartphone with mobile app ready when you want to use it.

Renault Zoe in Liberec is cheaper for you because of support of city of Liberec, ZOO Liberec and Renault company. The price is maximum CZK 0,90 per km and CZK 39 per hour or 468 per 24 hours. These prices are subject to a discount of 20% at the tariff I drive a lot, if it exceeds CZK 1000/month.

Liberec Zoe_001Liberec Zoe_002

Extra equipment

Škoda Fabia Troy has an Environmental Sticker for entry into low-emission zones of German cities (the so-called Umwelt ZONE) - Umweltplakette. In these cities you can use the sticker.

Parking zones

Due to the temporary cancellation of paid parking zones in your city, we are also expanding the official designated parking area, to cover commonly paid (and now unpaid) parking zones. This is a temporary solution with effect from today, with the end of the state of emergency we will return to the original zone. We believe that now the extension will increase the comfort of using Autonapůl.

Changes are visible in the reservation system.

Your cars

Budget Economy Komfort Grand Trailer Elektro AkceElektro
Škoda Citigo 1x
Škoda Fabia 2x
Renault Zoe 1x

Skoda Citigo


Condition: New | Year of production: 2019 | Transmission: manual or automatic/robotic

Manual or automatic transmission, various colours, always air conditioning, USB radio, 2x ISOFIX, comfortable parking in the cities, most of the cars without car stickers, though some with Autonapůl stickers (Todd, Annika, Mary)


Are you looking for a car small from outside, but surprisingly spacious inside? Very able in the city, swift enough and with very low consumption. This is Citigo! We offer cars with manual or automatic/robotic transmission, always five doors, in various colour and in higher comfort sets Ambition and Style, always including air conditioning and USB radio.


  • 4 seats
  • Engine 1.0 MPI 44kW, petrol
  • Transmission: five-gear manual / automatic-robotic
  • Trunk volume: 251 litres
  • Colour: white/red/pea green

Car equipment

Air conditioning, USB and AUX radio, front power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on back seats, manual or automatic/robotic transmission.


Skoda Fabia Combi


Conndition: New | Year of production: 2019 | Transmission: Manual

Big and practical trunk, powerful engine, always air conditioning, USB radio and rear parking sensors, never with car stickers.


Fabia Combi. Well known super practical combination of small economical car with large trunk. We run its current third generation. Will serve well a young family including a pram and a lot of luggage, or shorter business trips, as well. With TSI engines very economical, although swift on highways and country roads alike. Equipment includes USB radio, speed limit setting, rear parking sensors and of course air conditioning and pre-collision system for your safety.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.2 TSI 66kW or 1.0 TSI 70kW, petrol
  • Transmission: manual five-gear
  • Trunk volume: 530 litres
  • Colour: red/white


Air conditioning, USB and AUX radio (touch screen in most cars), speed limit setting, rear parking sensors, front power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on rear seats. In some cars bluetooth handsfree and cruise control, too (Note: new in 2019).


Renault Zoe


Condition: New | Year of production: 2019 | Transmission: Automatic

100% electric vehicle, touchscreen USB radio with navigation, air condition with heat pump, cruise control, rear parking sensors. Car sticker featuring electric drive.


Do you want to meet the future and try 100% electric trip? Cute Renault Zoe, for long the most favourite electric vehicle in the West Europe is here to serve. A bit higher seating due to batteries under the floor helps to enter the vehicle comfortably, decent trunk and foremost: pure electric drivetrain with maxim torque from the very beginning, silent and with zero emissions from the car itself.


  • 5 seats
  • Engine: electric 68kW
  • Trunk volume: 338 litres
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Colour: white


Pure 100% electric drive, touchscreen USB radio with navigation, air condition and heating with heat pump, cruise control, rear parking sensors. Dedicated parking lots with chargers ensure you always pick up a car with fully or almost fully charged battery for real reach of up to 200 km (winter on highway) or up to 380 km (summer in the city) on one charge. Charging during your trip can be done in three ways from public chargers, or from ordinary 400V plug and if necessary, from 220V plug, too. Charging at CEZ chargers for free.

Cars Categories

City cars


Škoda Citigo (automatic)

Middle cars


Kia Ceed kombi,
Škoda Fabia kombi

Family cars


Škoda Rapid,
Škoda Octavia kombi,



Ford Transit Custom

Reliable cars

We buy only new or presentation cars.
The average vehicle age in our fleet is under 3 years.
We regularly maintain and clean all cars.
Czech highway sticker included. Ready for traveling abroad.