Carsharing Plzeň

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Our aim is to offer easy, clever and responsible mobility service. Intelligent car rental operates also in Plzeň. It has Škoda Octavia, Škoda Fabia and Škoda Citigo on offer to rent (see your shared cars section). If you are interested in thee comparison of carsharing and ordinary rental, please read the article on our blog.

Autonapůl customers from Plzeň can use cars in other cities also (e.g. Škoda Octavia, Ford Transit, Kia Ceed, electromobile Renault Zoe). The registration is set up only once and then all the cars from the 10 big cities where Autonapůl operates its services are available.

After the end of the reservation the cars are parked in designated parking zone which can be seen below. .

Plzeň extras


 You can also park all the Autonapůl shared cars in Plzeň in places in the paid zones of the city free of charge! Free parking in paid zones A, B, C, D, F, Roudná and Petrohrad can be used during your booking or when returning a car and it really does NOT apply to resident, so-called blue zones of the same names - unlike Prague or Brno. We believe that you will appreciate this advantage

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Parking zones

Your cars

Budget Economy Komfort Grand Trailer Elektro
Škoda Citigo 1x
Škoda Fabia 1x
Škoda Octavia 1x