Parking zone changes in Prague from January 6, 2020

From January 6, 2020, we have made changes in the layout of parking zones in Prague. What is new is the larger zone called “Central”. The functioning of the Dejvice, Holešovice, Smíchov, Pankrác and Kobylisy zones does not change in any way. The “Libeň” zone will cover only Palmovka and it is being tentatively expanded, including the area of ​​newly introduced blue zones towards Vysočany.

Mapotic – community map of Autonapůl carsharers

As a user of Autonapůl you have a community map of Mapotic to your hand. The main idea is to connect the carsharers in and among cities: Do you have tips on proven rental of car equipment (trucks, roof racks, etc.)? Or do you have a car seat, bike racks, a roof box or something else that might be useful and would you be willing to lend to one of Autonapůl’s carsharer? It may be on our map. Say your reward – homemade marmalade, bottle of wine, smile or money? There are no limits to imagination.

We have started online registration

Becoming a user of Autonapůl is now much easier and faster – just online registration, paying of refundable deposit via payment gateway or bank transfer and the new carsharer can start driving!

Reinforcing Brno fleet

We can announce pleasant changes in our Brno fleet today. As we promised we reinforce very attractive parking zones Centrum and Veveří. What vehicles can you book there?

News in Prague and Brno fleet

We have noticed that Skoda Rapids with automatic transmission got quite popular. Knowing that we added brand new Rapids to both Brno and Prague. Rapid Raymont will reinforce the largest Brno A zone. Rapid Robert will be added to designated parking area Staré Město (Old Town) near the main tran station so that it is available also for car-sharers from other cities than Prague.

What was 2018 like for Autonapůl?

Autonapůl has been around for yet another year. What did it feel like? What went alright and what went wrong? We want to review it here on our blog with you. Let’s start.

End To Confusion. Changes In Zones In Brno + Three Additions

In the past weeks we were collecting feedback from you regarding pick up/drop off zones in Brno and analyzed a lot of additional data available. We know from you that overlaps of zones in Brno were confusing for you. It was not always clear where each car belongs. Now we come up with a good news! In most zones, we eliminated their overlaps so that you understand them more easily. We are working to include zone mapping directly into the booking system, as many of you wished. And the most important thing? We are adding brand new zones in trial mode. These reflect the new residental parking regulation in Brno as well, plus the anticipated “big train lockout”, starting in December.

Why would you choose Autonapůl – carsharing versus car rental

You are likely in the need of a car now. However, to buy your own is not an option, so you look around what else is available. There are car rentals and car sharings. Both look good – but how to decide? Browse thousands of websites, try to spot differences and compare what´s cheaper? That is a daunting task. We happily did it for you.

We provide to carsharers the best service available and so we decided to compare it only with the established car rentals with wide range of vehicles to rent and with multiple add-on services. For comparison we chose Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz and Sixt.

Test project for expats living in Brno in cooperation with Foreigners

Starting in October, Autonapůl is launching test project for expats living in Brno. In cooperation with, we are moving Citigo Kodos to the Domeq premises at Dornych street, in the industrial area Ponávka. From now on Kodos will have permanent reserved parking lot right next Domeq. The vehicle will be available non-stop to Domeq tenants, the entire Ponávka area and all other carsharers of Autonapůl. Kodos, like all the other cars of the Autonapůl Brno fleet, can be driven to the Brno city center and park at the so-called blue zones of residential parking, free of charge. Domeq tenants can also take advantage of the opportunity to bring any other car from the carsharing fleet in Brno and other cities after registering with Autonapůl.


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