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Renault Arkana


Automatic transmission, large passenger compartment, powerful engine, automatic air conditioning, navigation, cruise control, parking sensors and camera, touchscreen radio with USB - A and Android Auto/Apple Carplay. Always with cover stickers.


The Renault Arkana is a stylish car for the modern age. The slightly raised body of the liftback with greater access to the boot will offer plenty of space for passengers and their luggage and will pamper them with its comfort, smooth ride with automatic transmission and a wealth of equipment including cruise control, navigation, phone mirroring, parking cameras and sensors or a powerful engine with hybrid electric assistance for even more considerate operation.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.3 turbo ICE petrol automatic 103kW/140bhp or 1.6 hybrid HEV automatic 105kW/143bhp - always fill up with N95 petrol
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Trunk volume: 480 (hybrid HEV) to 513 (ICE) litres
  • Colour: grey/red/white/blue


All Arkansas have navigation, phone mirroring, rear camera and front rear parking sensors. All have cruise control, some with adaptive cruise control that can maintain distance from the car in front. Arkanas are not equipped with chains. Some of them have heated seats and steering wheel, some also have induction chargers for phones

Basic equipment: air conditioning, automatic transmission, powerful engine with mild or full hybrid concept, touchscreen radio with USB-A slots, Android Auto/Apple Carplay and navigation, cruise control, 2x ISOFIX on the rear seats, front and rear parking sensors with camera.


Dacia Spring


Dacia Spring electric car with "Spring pro Olomouc" sticker.


Spring on electricity is best in the city and surrounding areas, then on county roads, with the worst range on the highway and/or in sub-zero temperatures. The Spring isn't very good on the highway, but in other areas it will offer a reasonably brisk ride. It can carry up to 4 people.

Range: 150 – 200 km | Top speed: 125 km/h

Charging options

  • AC up to 6,6 kW (up to 55 km/h)
  • DC up to 30kW (up to 230km/h)

Instructions for charging the Dacia Spring

Charging is easy, Dacia Spring has a charging port located in the front grille of the car, the whole part with the Dacia logo is tiltable. The lever for unlocking the charging cover is located at the bottom under the steering wheel (similar to the lever for opening the bonnet) and there is a pictogram of the charging cable on it. After opening the charging port, simply plug in the fast charging cable or reconnect the slow charging cable from the trunk (just one cap if you return the car to its parking space).


  • 4 seats
  • Engine: electric 33 kW
  • Trank volume: 290 litrů
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Colour: silver with stickers


It's good to think of Springs as small, cheap cars, like the Skoda Citigo, for example. But they will offer all-electric operation, a continuously variable automatic gearbox, four seats, touchscreen radio with Android Auto/Apple Carplay phone mirroring.

More info.


Dacia Sandero

Manual; white color, air conditioning, touch radio equipped with Android Car / Apple Carplay, convenient parking in cities, lively on the go.


Sandero from the Autonapůl fleet is the first novelty of 2022. The LPG engine is beautifully lively and together with the manual you do not feel that the car does not have enough power. Due to lower fuel costs, these cars fall into the cheapest Economy category. The only minor discomfort associated with this is the need to refuel exclusively with LPG, gasoline payment will be turned off at CCS. The instructions on the blog will tell you how to do it. The reward is rich equipment.

The cars are complemented by decent stickers.


  • 5 seats
  • Engine 1.0 turbo, 74kW/100koní, LPG
  • Transmission: six-gear manual
  • Trunk volume: 328 litres
  • Colour: white with stickers

Car equipment

Cruise control, touchscreen radio with Android Auto/Apple Carplay phone mirroring, multifunction steering wheel,  automatic air conditioning, front and rear parking sensors with a parking camera, and safety features such as blind-spot assist or automatic braking. They are powered by a powerful 100hp turbo engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox.


Skoda Octavia Combi


Giant trunk and space for passengers, swift engine, always air condition, cruise control, bluetooth handsfree, touch screen USB radio, rear parking sensors. Some cars have trailer hook. Never with car stickers.


Octavia Combi is the classics of the Czech roads. Should you need a repre car for a business trip or a big car to transfer your demanding family? Octavia Combi will serve all situations. There is everything you need in the equipment: touch screen USB radio, cruise control, bluetooth handsfree and rear parking sensors, and air conditioning, of course. Plus a lot of space for passengers and luggage. You can rely on its engine, too. Though small in volume, very swift, easily up to 200 km/h on German highways, and surprisingly economical, at the same time.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.0 TSI 85kW, petrol
  • Transmission: six gear manual
  • Colour: red


Air conditioning, touchscreen USB radio, cruise control, bluetooth handsfree, front and rear power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on rear seats, rear parking sensors. Some cars have trailer hook, too.


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