Bonus for customers of Czech Railways and Autonapůl

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Autonapůl offers a great bonus for those of you who, in addition to our shared cars, use Czech Railways and are involved in the ČD Points loyalty program.

As of May 1, 2020, you can exchange your points collected for the purchase of train tickets within the ČD Points program for a discount on Autonapůl services. Thanks to this cooperation, you can also drive cheaper with us!

After more than a year since the beginning of our cooperation, we can appreciate that this is a very welcome bonus of our carsharers.

How to use ČD Points?

So how can you get a discount on your car rides from Autonapůl? Just like you would choose any other reward within the ČD Points program:

1. You can log in to your customer profile at You cannot use the My Train (Můj vlak) mobile application.

2. Then in the Manage my services section you will find a box called “My loyalty program” with the current number of points collected.

3. After clicking on the Detail button, you will get more detailed information about the ČD Points program and the option to choose a reward thanks to the Select reward button.

4. In the rewards you will find the possibility to exchange points for a discount voucher for Autonapůl services.

5. After paying for the ČD Points voucher, you will receive a code, which you will then send us by e-mail to

6. The discount is CZK 250 and costs 40 ČD Points. The best? The benefit can be applied repeatedly, but a maximum of one voucher per calendar month. And it applies to both new and current Autonapůl users.

7. When processing the invoice, we will then take this discount into account and you will pay less. Cannot be applied to an invoice that has already been issued. The discount will be included in the invoice for the month you send us the voucher.

Why Czech Railways?

More kilometers by Czech Railways trains and shared cars Autonapůl = less cars for Czech roads and cities.

Vlak a carsharing

And that's it, friends. Our long-term goal is to support all public transport, and Czech Railways trains are one of them. This is the only way to reduce the number of cars on our roads and on our streets. Together. We are glad that you can benefit even more from our efforts.

Do you have any questions about Points or their use for our services? Do not hesitate to contact us or use the information sources of Czech Railways.


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