Changes in the reservation system and mobile application

Thank you for the feedback we received from you. We do our best to get the most out of our reservation system and mobile app. We have four major changes for you.

Old version of the reservation system is turned off

In the desktop version of the reservation system, until recently you could choose two display options. One older and one newer. We know most of you are already using the new interface. It offers more information about carsoverview map display and better filtering options. The older interface was used mainly in small towns. Now we have to say goodbye to it for technical reasons.

Rezervační systém Autonapůl

News in mobile app

You can download it to your phone for Android or for iOS. Other systems – web version.

Mobile app

Car details in the mobile app

We’ve taken into account the comments on the new version of the app and added something extra. Now you can view detailed information about each car in the app. Its position on the map, all information about the equipment and specific features of the car. There is also an overview of the following reservations.

Mobile app

Rides overview

Now in the app you can check how many kilometres you have driven and how long you have rented a car. Unfortunately, you won’t see prices in the system at this time, and the billing time may be slightly different. This information will certainly be added in the future.

Mobile app Autonapůl

Contact of previous or next user

If you need to tell something to the previous or next user, you can – just select previous / next reservation in the access section and you can see his/her email and phone number.


We will be happy for your feedback on how you like the new options.


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