CitigoE iV


Škoda CitigoE iV electric car with a decent sticker.


Citigo for electricity is even more agile in the city than with a gasoline engine. Far from the city, it no longer feels so good. It will take up to 4 people, but there is a little less legroom in the back. The case has a size of 250 liters. The advantage is the possibility of fast DC charging.

Range: 150 - 240 km Top speed: 130 km / h

Charging options

  • AC up to 7.2 kW (up to 35 km/h)
  • DC up to 40kW (up to 180km/h)

CitigoE iV charging instructions


  • 4 seats
  • Elektromotor: 61 kW
  • Trank volume : 251 litres
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Colour: green


Compared to the petrol version, the CitigoE iV offers a really rich equipment: a SWING radio with a five-inch color display, bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX input, a multifunctional leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning and heated seats in the front.

As far as safety is concerned, six airbags will keep an eye on you, ABS and ESP are a matter of course, and a novelty is the so-called Lane Assist, ie lane assistant.


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