Dacia Sandero: How to drive and refuel an LPG car?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has regained its popularity in recent years. Fortunately, the time for home-installed equipment and tanks is over and Dacia Sandero Autonapůl has LPG system equipment installed directly from the car manufacturer. The engine was specifically designed to run on LPG - a button to switch the combustion of gasoline and LPG is part of the car equipment, as well as the ability to monitor the fuel remaining in tanks and consumption of both fuels), LPG tank is located in the spare tire area and does not take up any space in the trunk.

Dacia Sandero Autonapul


Sandero from the Autonapůl fleet is the first novelty of 2022. The LPG engine is beautifully lively and together with the manual you do not feel that the car does not have enough power. Due to lower fuel costs, these cars fall into the cheapest Budget category. The only minor discomfort associated with this is the need to refuel exclusively with LPG, gasoline payment will be turned off at CCS. The reward is rich equipment.

The cars are complemented by decent stickers.


The driving experience is exactly the same as with our other cars running on petrol/diesel. When the engine is turned on, the car runs a while on petrol to warm up the engine faster - it takes about two minutes during which you can normally drive the car. The switch on LPG then happens automatically without you even noticing. Under the steering wheel, on the lower left side, you will find a button labeled “LPG” that you can use to switch between LPG and petrol modes, however the car does everything automatically and if you should run out of LPG, it will automatically switch to the petrol tank. Within the Autonapůl fleet, Dacia will run primarily on LPG, which is also the only allowed type of fuel on the CCS card, so please drive primarily on LPG. Sandero will cover approximately 450 to 600 kilometers on a full LPG tank. Just be aware of restricting access to most underground parking garages.

LPG refueling

When talking about refueling, there are a few differences from petrol and diesel cars, however, there is really nothing to worry about, we will explain everything to you clearly in the points below:

  • LPG refueling in the Czech Republic must always be performed by a petrol station operator in accordance with the applicable legislation, however, there is no risk of punishment if the operator is not available and you refuel the tank yourself, it is more of a safety measure. If you have never refueled LPG yourself, be sure to get advice from the operator first, or try refueling under the supervision of the operator. LPG has a very low temperature and can cause frostbite on the hands.
  • The staff is either waiting for you at the station or you can call the by ringing the bell present on the column.
  • You can find a list of LPG filling stations where you can pay with a CCS card (you can also refuel anywhere else, pay in cash and follow the instructions “Expenses not paid with a CCS card”, which can be found at the end of the green book driving inside the passenger compartment) in a Tank Navigator app for Android and iOS.
Sandero tankováníLPG


  • 5 seats
  • Engine 1.0 turbo, 74kW/100koní, LPG
  • Transmission: six-gear manual
  • Trunk volume: 328 litres
  • Colour: white with stickers

Car equipment

Sandero offers for example cruise control, touchscreen radio with Android Auto/Apple Carplay phone mirroring, multifunction steering wheel,  automatic air conditioning, front and rear parking sensors with a parking camera, and safety features such as blind-spot assist or automatic braking. They are powered by a powerful 100hp turbo engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Sandero LPG interiér


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