Do not own, just use - how to be part of Autonapůl

Autonapůl na výlet

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to register online and pick up and return the car with a smartphone (Android/iOS) or chip card. Cars are available at designated parking locations. You can see the exact location in the reservation system. You can book them for an hour, half a day, a weekend or a week's trip, as long as you need in advance, but also right now. The service is fully self-service and therefore available to you 24 hours a day.

How to be part of Autonapůl?

  • Fill in the registration on the website. A personal meeting is NOT required to sign the contract. We can arrange it online.
  • pay the deposit CZK 5 000 by transfer, it is a refundable deposit, which will be returned to you after termination of the contract
  • the supplementary insurance “Jistota PLUS” limits the maximum deductible for the damage caused, the supplementary insurance is charged only in the month when you use the service, you do not drive, you do not pay, you can activate or deactivate "Jistota PLUS" via email
  • within a few hours after payment of the deposit (crediting the deposit to the account Autonapůl) you will receive an e-mail with access data to the reservation system
  • demo version you can try in advance, username: zemtu, password: zemtu
  • video tutorial for you
  • you have a car in your mobile, you can download the Android app on  Playstore, iOS app in Appstore and if you have another OS, you can find it on
  • you pick up cars in selected designated parking location or from a given parking space and return them there, maps are on the web or directly in the car
  • you can find the keys in the car and go on a journey, around the city, region, but also abroad
  • it is charged for booking time (hours or days) and kilometers travelled
  • you can calculate the approximate price using an online calculator
  • you pay for fuel with our CCS card, which is in the green folder with all documents and information in the passenger compartment (you have the fuel included in the price of the reservation, but do not refuel the so-called premium fuels, they are blocked on the CCS and you will not be reimbursed)
  • you can book as long in advance as you need, but also drive right now
  • you can edit your reservation free of charge until the last minute before it starts in the reservation system
  • you can use shared cars from all cities where Autonapůl operates
  • You can share your shared car, you are the person responsible for the booked car, but anyone close to you can drive

Car without obligations

After registration it is up to you whether you use the car and how often. You do not pay any lump sum with us. Book a car that suits you for the occasion - a small car for shopping, a comfortable station wagon to a family or business trip, a delivery van or a pure electric car.

You have access to dozens of cars in the eight cities where Autonapůl operates.

Autonapůl map

All cars have a Czech motorway vignette as standard equipment. The price includes service, insurance, car depreciation, even fuel. You do not have to deal with service, MOT, tire change, insurance or buying or selling a car. For selected cars, you can also find a motorway stamp abroad, a towing device or a child car seat. You can find out about extra equipment and specialties on the website for individual cities or on our community map

The basic rules for using Autonapůl

  • return the car with at least half a tank
  • park in the defined parking zone (more info on the website for individual cities or on the map in the car)
  • return the car tidy (we pay the expenses)
  • transport animals only in a transport box

In case of problems, we are available 24 hours a day on our support line +420778470898.

Carsharing creates space in cities

Carsharing is becoming more and more popular, the number of shared cars and trips is growing. For example, in 2019, Autonapůl shared cars traveled more than 1.3 million kilometers in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. We follow modern trends and prefer new cars with the least possible impact on the environment or greater comfort, such as an automatic transmission, cruise control or phone mirroring for easier navigation or calling while driving.

We inform users of Autonapůl about news by e-mail and on our blog, but we also discuss upcoming changes with polls. All available in Czech and English.

how to be part of Autonapůl

We perceive carsharing not only as a service that brings significant financial savings to its users, but also as one of the possible pillars of future sustainable urban mobility. One of the main goals of Autonapůl is to contribute to sustainability and a positive impact on the environment. Let's do it together.


Creating space for people. Together.


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