Electric vehicle Dacia Spring: How does it work?

Whether you are sitting in an electric car for the first time or you are looking for an answer to a question / problem regarding electric Dacia Spring, on this page you will find everything you need to know. Electric cars have a few specifics, but there is nothing to worry about, driving them is both easy and fun.

Dacia Spring electro

Disconnecting the car from the charging station

You will always find all Autonapůl electric cars in a fixed parking space, connected to a charging station, wallbox or charging pole. This means that after starting the reservation, it is first necessary to release the charging cable, store it in the trunk and start your journey. To release the cable from the car's charging port, it is necessary to press the unlock button on the car key. The car then releases the charging cable lock and you can disconnect it from the vehicle. All you have to do is hide the cable in the trunk, snap the charging port into the front of the car and off you go.

Starting and driving

Another surprise may be waiting for you after getting behind the wheel. Like any electric car, the Dacia Spring Autonapůl has automatic transmission. In addition, Dacia Spring can surprise you with a rotary selector for the direction of drive. You can only select forward - D, reverse - R and N mode - neutral for parking. Attention! After engaging the N gear, you need to either pull the parking brake or have your foot on the brake pedal, neutral gear has no braking or locking and the car can move spontaneously without braking. 

The vehicle can only be started with the rotary selector in position N and with the foot on the brake pedal. By turning the key, the car starts and the OK light on the dashboard illuminates in green. If this light does not illuminate, the car is not started and will not drive, or it may even back down on a hill! Starting has positions like a classic combustion car - first the ignition and then turning the key to start the car. Remember that the green OK light on the dash in the area of ​​the energy consumption indicator must be on to verify that the car is actually started. 

Spring's practical range on a full battery is 150-250 km, mostly on a smooth ride in the city, then on district roads, the smallest range is on the highway, where there is no way to use regenerative braking during fast driving and consumption is growing rapidly. The main advice is: To increase the range, reduce the speed to 100 - 80 km/h. Consumption is also affected by the weather, especially temperatures around the freezing point also reduce the range.

Charging and ending the reservation

Charging is easy, Dacia Spring has a charging port located in the front grille of the car, the whole part with the Dacia logo is tiltable. The lever for unlocking the charging cover is located at the bottom under the steering wheel (similar to the lever for opening the bonnet) and there is a pictogram of the charging cable on it. After opening the charging port, simply plug in the fast charging cable or reconnect the slow charging cable from the trunk (just one cap if you return the car to its parking space).


1. opening the charging port in the bow of the Spring

2. vehicle identification with PRE chip for opening the cover and cable connection to the vehicle, instructions for activating charging directly on the post

3. when charging is finished, the cable is secured by a lock, to pull it out you need to press the car unlock on the car key again

Dacias Spring Autonapůl -  Mioveni and Sibiu

The two Olomouc Dacia Spring Autonapul electric cars named Mioveni and Sibiu will always be picked up and returned to their fixed location at the Auto Kubíček dealer (Holická 1224/24). Here, parking and charging will be reserved for them, so you can always be sure to pick them up fully charged and ready. k on the blog.

Spring pro Olomouc


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