Electric vehicle Renault Zoe: How does it work?

Whether you‘re sitting in an electric vehicle for the first time or looking for an answer to your question / problem about the electric Citigo, you‘ll find everything you need on this page. Electric vehicles have a few specifics, but there is nothing to worry about, driving
them is easy and fun.

Renault Zoe

Disconnecting from the charging station

All Autonapůl electric vehicles are located in fixed parking places connected to charging stations or wallboxes. This means that after starting the reservation it is necessary to release the charging cable first, store it in the trunk and set off. In the case of the Renault Zoe, you can unlock the cable simply by pressing the button with the charging cable pictogram on the access card. The car then releases the charging cable lock and you can
disconnect it from the vehicle. Warning: if you are going on a multi–day trip, it is necessary to unplug the cable from the wall socket and take it with you. The cable is locked with a padlock – its key is attached to the car key. When you come back, plug the cable back into the vehicle and lock it into the wall socket.

Starting and driving

Another thing may surprise you after sitting behind the wheel. Like any other electric vehicle, the electric Zoe is automatic, the gearbox is completely missing and the electric motor has just one gear. So the gear shift just selects a drive mode: forward – D, reversing – R and parking mode – P. The vehicle can be started only with the shift in position P and pressed brake pedal! It is started by pressing the START/STOP button. Instead of a sound of the engine, it only beeps and displays READY. And only then the vehicle is really started and ready to drive. The car has a keyless access card, so it is important that the card is present in the car when starting.

Charging and ending the reservation

Charging is easy, pressing the button with an electric cable pictogram on the access card will release the Renault logo on the front grille, under which is the charging socket. During the reservation you can use public charging stations. At the end of the reservation proceed as described above in the section Disconnecting the car from the socket.


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