End To Confusion. Changes In Zones In Brno + Three Additions

In the past weeks we were collecting feedback from you regarding pick up/drop off zones in Brno and analyzed a lot of additional data available. We know from you that overlaps of zones in Brno were confusing for you. It was not always clear where each car belongs. Now we come up with a good news! In most zones, we eliminated their overlaps so that you understand them more easily. We are working to include zone mapping directly into the booking system, as many of you wished. And the most important thing? We are adding brand new zones in trial mode. These reflect the new residental parking regulation in Brno as well, plus the anticipated “big train lockout”, starting in December.

How it looks like?


    • Brno A – Enlargement to Štýřice between Vídeňská street and Renneská street (accessible by trams No. 2, 5, 6 and 8), to the Lower Train Station (Dolní Nádraží); enlargement towards the “Dolní nádraží” (train station beyond Zvonařka Central Bus Station); enlargement towards the trolleybus station in Komín (public transport hub, trams No. 1, 3, 11).
    • Brno B – Smaller overlap with Brno “A” and “G” in the are of Žabovřesky (around Stránského street).
    • Brno C – Reduction of the zone “C” up to Zemědělská street (smaller overlap with “A” zone).
    • Brno E – Reduced towards Vídeňská street as Štýřice quarter is now served within enlarged zone “A”; Added Kohoutovice quarter (which originally was in zone “G”).
    • Brno G – Cancelled overlaps in the area of Žabovřesky (Stránského street and around); Cancelled Kohoutovice quarter.

New trial zones

    • Brno Centrum and Veveří – These are within Brno A zone. Thanks to the new residential parking regulation of Brno city in the historic centre we are adding new vehicles to our fleet. Now it is easy to move and park in and around the city centre. Both zones are within the Brno A so that there should be better accessibility for you, you should now always find a car near you in the city centre. More specifically, in the Brno Centre zone there are new Citigo Todd and Kia Ceed combi Norbert and in Brno Veveří Škoda Fabia combi Scratchy and Kia Ceed Combi Horatio.
    • Brno F – South – Many customers are emerging in the south part of the city. We responded and established new zone “F – South” with additional Škoda Fabia combi Kent.

You can check new zones layout on the map below:

We believe now using shared cars of Autonapůl will be even easier for you. 🙂