Fleet and Parking Zone Updates in Prague

Summer season is approaching an end and we have again prepared a couple of news for you. Above all it concerns to Prague fleet updates and also updates of some parking zones. 

Parking Zone Updates

  • We have decided to split Žižkov and Vinohrady zones again. Your feedback told us that the merged location was too large for a comfortable vehicle handover.
  • We will make the Smíchov zone smaller from Smícho railway station through Anděl to Újezd. Radlice and Košíře ware almost unused for parking and very inconvenient for picking the car.
  • We keep the Citigo vehicles in individual zones. We will offer you a big open zone after we will have a higher amount of Citigo in the Autonapůl fleet. If would be very difficult to plan your reservations right now.
  • Our long-term experience shows that demand for cars drops after the summer season. Therefore we use this ideal time to get rid of the oldest and most worn down cars from our fleet – we follow the same step in other cities as well. The plan assumes to put Roomster Moe, Fabie Selma and Hans and Kia Ceed Apu and Tony out of service. On the contrary Kia Ceed Largo returns to Prague.
  • We will distribute the cars more evenly according to price categories and their real utilization and change parking zones for some of them. If it disrupts your already planned trip let us know please and we will definitely find a solution.

Planned Distribution of Vehicles in Prague

  • Staré město – Citigo Nelson and Ceed Clancy (no change)
  • Vinohrady – Citigo Terri and Ceed Zelda
  • Žižkov – Fabia Alison and Rapid Joe
  • Pankrác – Fabia Kearney, Kent and Ceed Largo
  • Smíchov – Fabia Smithers and Ceed Agnes (no change)
  • Dejvice – Citigo Annika, Fabie Doris and Octavia Nick
  • Holešovice – Citigo Rod, Fabia Eddie and Octavia Brockman (no change)
  • Kobylisy – Fabia Abbie and Ceed Lenny
  • Libeň – Citigo Stu and Fabia Duffman
  • Vršovice – Fabia Luigi and Ceed Murphy (no change)
  • Strašnice – Fabia Julius
  • Free zone/all zones – Transit Snyder

The changes are applicable since September 17. We believe that they will contribute to a better car availability and more convenient usage of Autonapůl services.

Together with putting the oldest cars out of service we prepare plans for extending the fleet in Prague and other cities, of course by preferring the most favorite cars. Please write us which car type is you favorite or which one would you welcome in Prague ;). Thank You.