Foreign vignettes and environmental stickers on Autonapůl cars

Zahraniční dálniční známky

Autonapůl carsharers can travel abroad with shared cars. We have decided to make their trips more pleasant. They don’t need to worry about foreign vignettes if they choose the right car from Autonapůl fleet.

For trips to Slovakia, these cars have the annual vignette Rapids Roy, Robert and Larry, as well as Octavias Skinner, Buck (Brno), Maude and Audrey (Prague), Mabel (Olomouc) and Fabia Cecil (Ostrava).

And how best to go to AustriaOctavia Rachel (Pilsen), Octavia Gary and Rapids Raymont (Brno) and Joe (Prague) will help. Octavia Skinner (Brno), Fabia Troy (Liberec) and Bob (České Budějovice) have one valid just for summer holidays, check reservation system.

Vignettes are mostly electronic, so you will not find them on front glass.

Czech vignettes are of course on all Autonapůl cars. But you do not have to look for them on electric cars, because they already have highways for free in the Czech Republic.

Umwelt zone

For trips to Germany, they can also find useful environmental stickers to enter the low-emission zones of German cities (the so-called Umwelt ZONE). As modern petrol cars, of course, they all meet the requirements of the most stringent, green 4th-degree sticker. Stickers have got these cars: Citigo Stu, Fabia Abbie, Rapid Joe, Octavia Nick, Brockman, Ginger, Maude and Audrey, Transit Snyder (Prague) and also Octavia Constance and Fabia Troy (Liberec).

Rezervační systém Autonapůl

If you would like to know more about extra equipment f Autonapůl cars, use the search box on the top left of the reservation system. Info is also in the community map Autonapůl – Mapotic or on the city-specific Autonapůl website.


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