A new concept of carsharing: a car from Hradec Králové can be returned in Pardubice and vice versa. Virtual city "Hradubice" was created.

Hradubice was created
Autonapůl Hradubice (city signs for illustrative purposes only)


Hradubice is an unofficial common name for the two largest East Bohemian cities, Hradec Králové and Pardubice, which are only 20 kilometers apart. The name was also transferred to the road I / 37 connecting the two regional towns, which is commonly referred to as the Hradubická or Hradubická roads, and the Hradubická cycle path, which after its completion will lead mainly along the Elbe.

In Autonapůl, we created a virtual city "Hradubice". The Citigo Andy became a pilot car for a one-way project between the two cities, based on the requirements of local users. The demand for the introduction of one-way routes arose from a recent survey among Autonapůl users. "The results of our survey showed that 71% of carsharing users in eastern Bohemia will use the one-way route between Pardubice and Hradec Králové," says Autonapůl director Michal Šimoník.

Carshares simply pick up the car in one city and drive it to a neighboring city, which is also supported by one-way travel. Carsharing users can use the Škoda Citigo for this pilot operation. The other three cars will remain in the mode as before, ie with the need to return them to their starting city and zone.

And how does it all work?

  1. For the needs of navigation in the reservation system, a "new connected" city "Hradubice" has been created.
  2. The current transfer zones and their boundaries remain. That is, “Hradec Králové” and “Pardubice - Polabiny IV”.
  3. The only "floating car" is now the smallest Citigo Andy - with him, it is be possible to end reservations in both the Pardubice zone and the Hradec Králové zone.
  4. Most vehicles remain in the mode as before, so with the need to return them to their starting city and zone. This applies specifically to all larger cars:
  • Fabia Helena and Octavia Hoover in Hradec Králové
  • Fabia Poochie in Pardubice

With larger cars, you can better plan your reservations, because they will always be available in the specific city zone. Only with Citigo Andy will the user be able to stop in both cities, so booking in advance will be possible with him, but without certainty of his future location. For the needs of navigation in the app, we recommend to choose the city “Hradubice” or most used cars. 

We will monitoring the new system closely and, if it proves successful, we are ready to further strengthen the vehicle fleet in both cities or for one-way journeys.

We appreciate your feedback after you try it 😉


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