Mapotic - community map of Autonapůl carsharers

As a user of Autonapůl you have a community map of Mapotic to your hand. The main idea is to connect the carsharers in and among cities: Do you have tips on proven rental of car equipment (trucks, roof racks, etc.)? Or do you have a car seat, bike racks, a roof box or something else that might be useful and would you be willing to lend to one of Autonapůl's carsharer? It may be on our map. Say your reward - homemade marmalade, bottle of wine, smile or money? There are no limits to imagination.

Already there are basic points in the map where you can rent shared roof racks, where you can find the first electric cars or orientation positions of cars with special equipment (the exact location is always in the reservation system). We can add new categories.

Use the map to give a tip for a good parking spot for other carsharers. If someone comes to your city to visit or just parks in another neighborhood, any advice can help. The map is intended for all cities.

We want Autonapůl to have an overlap that brings you more benefits than just a “car in your mobile”.


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