New app to use Autonapůl from your phone

Mobilni aplikace Autonapul

Autonapůl offers its carsharers the so-called “car in your mobile”. To make it even easier, we have a new app for you!

If you were using the old version, unpin it from the desktop and pin it again.

What makes the new one better than the old one?

  • Parking zones are displayed directly on the map
  • Once the car is booked, you can see the parking zones in the detail of the car
  • Better filtering cars (e.g. your favorite or the most free capacity)
  • Possibility to navigate to the car using an external application. All you have to do is book a car and click on the icon below the map.
  • Displays the current procedure for unlocking and locking the car
  • Soon more new features like searching or log book

How do I get the app?

I have Android: Download from Playstore.

I have iOS: Download from Appstore.

I have another OS: The application can be found at

Demo here.


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