Parking in Ostrava

Škoda Fabia Combi Autonapůl

As in other cities, we want also in Ostrava to maintain accessibility from the train stations, which are a place primarily for users from other cities to combine carsharing with train traffic.

Currently it is not possible to park with Autonapůl cars free of charge in resident blue zones (such as in Prague, Brno or Pilsen). We are negotiating a parking permit.

Parking locations Ostrava

In Ostrava, Autonapůl currently offers four cars in three parking zones - Moravská Ostrava, Ostrava Poruba and Ostrava Jih (South). In addition, we have a fixed parking space at the Ostrava Svinov railway station.

One-way or floating mode works between them.

Both Fabias have their own fixed zone to which they must be returned.

  • Škoda Fabia Cecil – Moravská Ostrava
  • Škoda Fabia Kirk – Ostrava Poruba

Renault Arkana Katy can be parked at the end of the reservation in any Ostrava zone Autonapůl, ie in Moravská Ostrava, Ostrava Jih (South) or Poruba.

Škoda Rapid Larry is always available for you at the parking lot of Svinov railway station. It is thus de facto on the edge of Poruba and also ready for those who come to Ostrava by train. Inside the car you will always find a chip card for entering and exiting the car park.

Parking zones Ostrava

Cars Categories

City cars


Škoda Citigo (automatic)

Middle cars


Kia Ceed kombi,
Škoda Fabia kombi

Family cars


Škoda Rapid,
Škoda Octavia kombi,



Ford Transit Custom

Reliable cars

We buy only new or presentation cars.
The average vehicle age in our fleet is under 3 years.
We regularly maintain and clean all cars.
Czech highway sticker included. Ready for traveling abroad.


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