Residential parking in Brno

Three new types of parking zones have appeared in Brno center since September 1st, 2018. They cover areas of former parking spots. The zones have been extended from November 1st, 2018. They constitute a new residential parking scheme intended for cars with permission. But we have great news for all carsharers! Users of Autonapůl cars in Brno will be able to park their vehicles in all types of zones for free and without worries.

The paid parking zones are being extended to include the areas of Bratislavská, Koliště, Kopečná and Pellicova from November 18th 2019.


In the new scheme, three modes of on street parking will be available:

blue zone – for residents, ie. citizens with permanent residence in the given area or home owners,
green zone – for subscribers, ie. entrepreneurs and/or operators of office houses in the city centre, or owners of business properties,
orange zone – for visitors in the pay as you go mode.
Typically, the zones are accompanied by an explanation table Mo-Fr 8-16h, see photo.


You need to care neither about colors nor parking machines! You can park and Autonapůl car in a zone of any color. You can even leave the car there after finishing your reservation – this holds only to cars assigned to the central Brno – A zone. Go to the Brno page to see how Autonapůl parking zones are designed.

Above all: nothing prevents you from driving to the historical city center. The center is marked by traffic signs prohibiting access saying “Vehicles with permission of OD MMB excluded.! All Autonapůl vehicles hold this permission. You don’t need to be afraid of the signs.

Warning: don’t park on some special spots – they are prohibited to everyone. These special spots include:

• spots reserved for a specific vehicle (with a licence plate number next to the parking spot)
• spots with time-limited reservation for a specific entity (e.g. office, small business, hotel) – you can’t park there even outside of operating hours
• paid spots (you can park there on your own costs during your reservation but please don’t leave the cars there after you finish the reservation)
• spots behind the gates (you can park there on your own costs during your reservation but please don’t leave the cars there after you finish the reservation)

05_parking automat

For parking we recommend to try the streets: Za divadlem, Rooseveltova, Novobranská, Měnínská, Orlí, Jezuitská, Dvořákova, Mozartova, Beethovenova, Moravské náměstí, Opletalova, Besední, Bašty, Benešova - both sides including spots at the bus station (Warning: some spots are reserved for the Grand Hotel).

There are many spots available for Autonapůl users. You don't need to be worry about allowed or prohibited places. Just enjoy Brno in its completeness. 🙂

Parkování Brno_001