Parking of Zoe in Liberec



Zoe in the ZOO is covered with advertising of all partners including the city of Liberec and has a reserved fixed parking spot directly at Lidové sady, the third to the left of the entrance.

From the ZOO, Zoe will always set off and return here at the end of the trip.

With charging it will be different than with combustion cars:

- Use the ČEZ chip in the car for charging directly on the road

- You can arrive at the ZOO almost empty, Zoe is charged in pauses between reservations

- charging will take place in the enclosed yard of the zoo between the Lidové sady and the main entrance to the ZOO. There you will be able to place it directly when you return from the trip, if you ask nonstop attendant info desk in Lidové sady for entry. When you arrive from the discharge path below about 70%, it will be better for other Zoe users to have the yard directly charged

- look for the white EV link box on the back right of the backyard, always connect over quick charging cable Type2 - Mennekes (output under green station cover), not a classic 220V outlet 

- from the quick charging cable Zoe at the ZOO charges from 0% to 100% in about 4:30 hours, from a conventional socket it would take over 24 hours! Please always keep the cables in the trunk.

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