Residential parking in Prague

Shared cars can park in Prague according to the rules approved by Prague city administration for carsharing companies.

When you return the car to its designated parking area at the end of your reservation, you can let the car in blue or purple zone without paying. It is just necessary to be careful on temporary signing as for cleaning the street etc.

During blue zones operation hours (typically from 8am to 8pm, but may vary) you are able to stop in a blue or purple (and orange) zone during a shared car booking, but you will have to pay for parking. You can make a payment using the virtual parking clock web app or (in the purple and orange zone) in the parking meter, always up to 3 hours. More info at the web Importantly, the responsibility for payment of parking from pick-up to car return is always on the driver of the car, respectively the registered user.


Parking zones in Prague:

blue – marked with a blue line on the street and also at the sign at beginning of the street, designated for residents - you can park your car here at the end of your reservation for free.
purplemarked with a discontinuous white line and a traffic sign with a purple stripe is meant for so called mixed parking - you can park here your car at the end of your reservation for free or you can pay for parking during your reservation (use the virtual parking clock web app ( or the parking meter).
orange – marked with a discontinuous white line and a traffic sign with an orange stripe is designated for so called short time parking. All users may park on the orange zone for a maximum of 3 hours and only after paying via the virtual parking clock web app or using the parking meter.
The city of Prague is divided into three price sectors, which determine the cost of parking (Map of the price sectors). The pricelist is available for download.

Be careful. Don't park vehicles on special places! These places are forbidden to park. They include:

• places reserved for a specific vehicle (with a license plate number listed next to it)

• places reserved for a specific company (office, hotel, etc.)

• paid parking places (you can park here at the time of your reservation at your own costs but please do not park here after you finish your reservation)

• places behind gates

• on a pedestrian crossing

• in an entrance



Tips for payment of parking fee:

  • the mobile app from Seznam can show parking zones and and when you click on them there is a link to a payment portal so that you do not need to look for a code on a traffic sign. Just plan your route with the app or check your location.