We can announce pleasant changes in our Brno fleet today. As we promised we reinforce very attractive parking zones Centrum and Veveří. What vehicles can you book there?

Skoda Fabia Zia has been added to Centrum. Thanks to that you can book three cars in this zone - Skoda Citigo Todd, Kia Ceed Norbert and Skoda Fabia Zia.

A favourite car with an automatic DSG transmission Skoda Rapid liftback Robert reinforces zone Veveří. You can find three vehicles there as well - Skoda Fabia Jimbo, Kia Ceed Horatio and Skoda Rapid Robert.

Fabia Zia is a standard Fabia combi of the Autonapul fleet in the red color, which has been placed in Zlín so far. We managed to move Zia thanks to finishing our service in Zlin and moved it to the Brno center, where the demand for the third shared card was really strong.


Škoda Rapid Robert is of the same type as Rapd Raymont and Larry. It sports an automatic DSG transmission, mirroring your phoe through SmartLink and other comfortable equipment together with a prolonged liftback body.

We also temporarily offer Skoda Fabia Kirk in the Brno - A parking zone. It will be moved to a new location - Ostrava Poruba by the end of October.