Rental for longer period

Autonapůl can also do medium-term car rentals! Although we are the first Czech carsharing company, we also rent cars for longer period (1-3 months)!

How does it work?

1) You register on our website. We handle registration and identity verification completely online!

2) Cars are an expensive thing after all. That's why we require a refundable deposit of CZK 5,000 incl. VAT.

3) You will be given access to our booking app, where you can choose the car you want.

4) You agree with us on a long-term rental. We will reserve the car for you for that period of time.

5) For the long-term rental option, you need to prepay the invoice for the 1st month and 2,000 km in advance.

6) You pick up the car and drive it. No mileage limits, which are often required by conventional rental companies. 🙂

7) If you need another car at one point, you book it through the carsharing app as standard (standard pricing).


Benefits of long-term car rental from Autonapůl


Fuel included (if you paid for it, fuel for 2,000 km would cost approx. CZK 5,000)


All insurance and CZ vignette included (annual cost approx. 10 000 CZK)


Possibility of limiting the amount of the deductible in the event of an at-fault accident at a reasonable cost


Nonstop support


Service, tyre re-treading, car-washing included


Driving abroad without restrictions or notification


Free parking in some cities' parking zones


Anyone in the family or company can drive the car

You can choose from five categories of cars

For long-term rentals we offer a 20% discount on the standard Price List. The prices include VAT.


from 4,79 CZK / km
+ from 392 CZK / day
(Long term rental price)

Cars: Dacia Sandero LPG, Škoda Fabia Combi, Hyundai i20

Fabia-Autonapul-web cenik


from 5,59 CZK / km
+ from 472 CZK / day
(Long term rental price)

Cars: Renault Arkana, Škoda Rapid, Renault Megane Combi, Hyundai i30 Combi

Autonapul Standard


from 5,99 CZK / km
+ from 552 CZK / day
(Long term rental price)

Cars: Škoda Scala a Octavia Combi, Toyota Corolla Combi hybrid

Autonapůl Comfort


from 6,39 CZK / km
+ from 800 CZK / day
(Long term rental price)

Cars: Renault Trafic (9 or 3 seated)

Autonapůl Grand


from 4,79 CZK / km
+ from 472 CZK / day
(Long term rental price)

Cars: Škoda CitigoE iV, Renault Zoe, Dacia Spring

Autonapůl Electro

See the complete range of cars and their equipment.

Approximate rental calculation

  • Economy - Škoda Fabia Combi or Dacia Sandero: 1 month, 2 000 km petrol incl.: 22 056 CZK VAT incl.
  • Standard - Renault Arkana or Hyundai i30 Combi: 1 month, 2 000 km petrol incl.: 25 886 CZK VAT incl.
  • Comfort - Škoda Octavia Combi or Toyota Corolla hybrid: 1 month, 2 000 km petrol incl.: 29 528 CZK VAT incl.

Additional services

Added Insurance Jistota Plus

Reduction of the maximum deductible for accident insurance to CZK 3,000.

Price 1 500 CZK / month (incl. VAT)

Are you interested in a long-term rental from Autonapůl?

Contact us or fill in the registration form directly.


Registered users please contact our support directly.