Responsibly with Autonapůl against coronavirus

We’re here for you! We are monitoring the coronavirus spreading situation with you and looking for the optimal solution for our servises. We believe that we will manage the situation together and on the contrary we will learn to cooperate more, to be responsible and considerate towards ourselves and our surroundings💚.

How do we make Autonapůl work for you? We clean and clean. We take care of shared cars even more than usual. We use disinfectants and clean with ozone. But the main responsibility for hygiene remains with you. We ask you to use your own disinfectants, gloves and wearing face masks inside the car 😷. Ventilate heavily through doors and windows when picking up a car and at the end of a reservation, not ventilation. We supply disinfectant wipes to all cars. Please use them with other users in mind. If you need to cash out napkins or gloves for cleaning Autonapůl, you can have your bill reimbursed up to 100 CZK / month.

against coronavirus

“My mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

In this difficult situation, we would also like to offer cooperation to smaller companies or projects for which might be useful a car because they are forced to close their stone shops. For example, we have been contacted by several restaurants and bistros or florists that they need help with the delivery of food or flowers. If you have any tips who might be interested, please, let us know.

The offer also applies to you. If you would like to have one of our cars available only to yourself or your loved ones for several weeks or even a month, contact us. There can be many reasons (escape from the city, delivery of goods, help in family or community), it is up to you. We will try to offer you a price right for you. For example, Jan from Brno lent a car for his sister for a month because she needs to be nonstop mobile now. Remember, more cars can be rented on the account of one registered user and car can be driven by anyone he/she trust.

In addition to shared car journeys, we recommend walking or cycling. Or at least a short home warm-up 😉. Exercise helps our psyche, and now it fits each of us.

We share links to various forms of neighborhood help on our social networks. If you would like to draw attention to a inspirational project, do not hesitate to write to us and we can reach out to a large community of followers.

Summary at the end:

  • think about yourself and those around you
  • wear protective equipment, ventilate at home and in cars
  • support meaningful projects
  • maybe we’ll learn something new
  • together we can do it! 😉

Thank you for being with us and wish you and your loved ones good health 💚.