Sample trips

Shoping in hypermarket or zero-waste grocery store

Dacia Sandero

Price for a ride with Dacia Sandero car (3 hours, 10 km): CZK 59/hour * 3 hours + CZK 6,99/km * 10 km = CZK 246

Weekend at your parents' or visiting friends

Autonapůl Fabia

Price for a ride with Škoda Fabia car (48 hours, 220 km): CZK 590/1st day + CZK 540/2nd day  + CZK 6,99/km * 200 km + CZK 5,99/km * 20 km = CZK 2648

Or plan a surprise trip or roadtrip around Europe.

Extended weekend

Standard Autonapul

Price for a ride in Hyundai i30 Combi car (60 hours, 250 km): CZK 740/1st day+ CZK 650/2nd day  + CZK 590/3rd day + CZK 7,49/km * 200 km + CZK 6,99/km * 50 km  = CZK 3887

How does Honza use carsharing to ensure family mobility? Read his experience and why he chose to carshare with Autonapůl.

Comfortable car for business trips

Auto na sluzebni cesty

Price for a ride in Škoda Octavia (8 hours, 120 km): 93 CZK/h * 8h + 7,99 CZK/km * 120 km = 1703 CZK

Carries up to nine people

Dodavky Autonapul

Price for a ride in a Ford Transit or Renault Trafic: 155 CZK/h * 4h + 8,99 CZK/km * 30km = 890 CZK

The prices include: fuel, Czech vignette, compulsory liability, all services, insurance according to the chosen tariff and nonstop support of our helpline. You do not pay any flat rate. No need to deposit credit in advance. A one-time refundable deposit of CZK 5,000 is required upon signing the framework contract. Full terms and conditions are available in

pdf Pricelist version.

Cars can be also rented for longer periods of time at discounted rates.


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