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Summer begins and with it one of the main seasons of carsharing. Every year we carefully prepare for it, we optimize the distribution of cars in each city and zone. Last year with Covid and very long delivery time of new cars is difficult, but we are working hard on it. 

Výhodné s Autonapůl

If you haven't booked your favorite holiday car yet, please do so as soon as possible. We will have better information about where the demand is high and we need to strengthen the local fleet.

In case you find that there is no car available at the time of your trip (whether planned in advance or arising from a quick need), please let us know. We are often able to help, for example, to find free capacity elsewhere, to slightly modify reservations or to rearrange them between cars so that it reaches the maximum number of users. Thanks to this, cars can better really serve people and not just stand on the street. You can write requests in advance by e-mail, urgent wishes rather directly on the helpline.

We have new foreign highway vignettes for you

We know that our carsharers like to travel abroad as well, so we decided to make the trips more pleasant and add more cars with foreign highway vignettes included. 

For trips to Slovakia, they have a new annual motorway stamp Octavia Nick (Praha), Rapid Robert and Megane Porthos (Brno). 

And how best to go to Austria? Scala Cheryl (Praha) a Megane Athos and Rapid Larry (Brno) help you - they will have an Austrian vignette for 2 months from July 1, 2020.

Octavia Autonapůl
Škoda Octavia Mabel se slovenskou dálniční známkou

Are you planning to travel abroad via Austria or Slovakia with a car other than the one mentioned above? Please let us know - we will consider purchasing other foreign stamps with a longer validity for other users.

Highway vignettes are electronic, so you won't find them affixed to glass.

For trips to Germany, ecological stickers for entering the low-emission zones of German cities (so-called Umwelt ZONE) may be useful. As modern cars, of course, all Autonapůl cars meet the requirements of a green 4th degree plaque. The plaques are pasted: Citigo Stu, Fabia Abbie, Transit Snyder and all cars in the Comfort category in Prague, as well as the Octavia Constance and Fabia Troy (Liberec).

In Liberec, cars are also equipped with a parking meter.

Towing equipment on selected cars can be also useful. You can add a trolley or bicycles carrier. We have already helped to take away a glider 🛩 or a ship ⛵️! Contact us if you need to verify the allowable weights or advise on how to properly solve the car licence place (SPZ). Do you want to add some element of additional equipment to one of the cars? Let us know.

Final tips:

  • Additional insurance "Jistota plus" also applies to damages abroad
  • You can take turns driving with your partner on the road and no one will bother you
  • No advance reporting is required for travel within the EU. For non-EU countries, please let us know to verify insurance coverage
  • Fuel is included in the price abroad as well - when you refuel, you simply leave the bills in the car and we will pay them back to you


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