Test project for expats living in Brno in cooperation with Foreigners

Starting in October, Autonapůl is launching test project for expats living in Brno. In cooperation with Foreigners.cz, we are moving Citigo Kodos to the Domeq premises at Dornych street, in the industrial area Ponávka. From now on Kodos will have permanent reserved parking lot right next Domeq. The vehicle will be available non-stop to Domeq tenants, the entire Ponávka area and all other carsharers of Autonapůl. Kodos, like all the other cars of the Autonapůl Brno fleet, can be driven to the Brno city center and park at the so-called blue zones of residential parking, free of charge. Domeq tenants can also take advantage of the opportunity to bring any other car from the carsharing fleet in Brno and other cities after registering with Autonapůl.

Autonapůl carsharing service is offered for English speakers in the Czech Republic in cooperation with Foreigners. Foreigners is friendly agency providing complex relocation service for expats in six Czech cities (Brno, Prague, Olomouc, Plzeň, Hradec Králové and Ostrava. They help foreigners to rent or purchase an apartment and go through all visa processes, employee cards, as well as to arrange health insurance, translations, transportation, driving licence or business consultations. The mission of Foreigners is to make expats feel at home in the Czech Republic.