Tips for a safe winter behind the wheel


Winter is a challenge for many drivers. There is no need to worry about anything, just pay attention to a few things. If you can, try to drive your car in an empty snowy parking lot and find out how it behaves, how the surface under the wheels feels differently and the reactions of the pedals.

❄️ drive only when the car is properly defrosted and you can see well in all directions

❄️ keep calm, anticipate and keep your distance, reduce the risk of emergency braking and skidding, sharp steering movements and sharp acceleration, including braking in the snow, can deprive you of grip and control of the car

❄️ quality winter tires are the basis, on winter tires with a sufficient tread, the car remains easy to handle even on the unburdened road

❄️ don't forget that even pedestrians behave differently on the snow, they can slip, they can hurry in the snow at home t get warm, and they can be more distracted than good visibility

❄️ some automatic transmissions offer winter mode (marked "W" or "Winter"), which offers smoother starts without slippage, if your automatic transmission does not have winter mode and slips when you start the wheel, you can help with manual mode and sensitive throttle work

❄️ must have is a reflective vest at hand, a calm head and most importantly do not be afraid of it.

The handbrake begs you for help

Outdoor temperatures are again bellow zero. There are cases of frozen parking brakes.

This situation occurs when the parking brake is applied excessively. Especially in these outdoor conditions, try to apply the parking brake when parking the vehicle only when necessary, ie on a steep hill. On a straight or gentle hill, you only need to use the vehicle's gear - one or reverse.

If it really hold the car, you can verify it easily, after shifting into a gear, you release the brake and the car will sway slightly and deny the gear. If it doesn't go anywhere and holds its place, it's done. If you feel that it is still moving, apply the parking brake. When using the parking brake, please make sure that it is pulled just right, not too much, but not too little.

We wish you a calm winter travel ❄️


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