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You don't have to own a car, you just can to share it - all easily, online

UPOL benefit

Autonapůl is the first Czech carsharing and has long been the top-rated carsharing service in the Czech Republic both on Facebook and Google.

Those who need a car only occasionally can save themselves a lot of hassle and money thanks to carsharing. If you drive less than 10,000 kilometres a year, carsharing might be the ideal solution for you. You have an access to diverse fleet you can use.

Shared mobility is a modern trend. Car sharing is a sustainable mode of transport, especially when combined with public transport, cycling or walking.

Exclusive offer: No deposit needed for UPOL Employees

Palackého University offers its employees a special registration with Autonapůl. You can join the carsharing service without paying a deposit. So you only pay for your car when you use it.

How can you use Autonapůl cars? For example, for a roadtrip around Europe. Take a look at the story of Pavel and his journey from Olomouc through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and inspire yourself for your own journey with Autonapůl.

How can you use Autonapůl shared cars? As the first or second car in the family, when your own car is in servise or even when travelling to other cities use carsharing in combination with a train. You can read more of our carsharers' experiences and case studies for companies and freelancers on our website.

How to get benefit registration?

Škoda Octavia v Olomouci

As part of a special offer for Palackého University, you can start using Autonapůl without paying the standard deposit of CZK 5,000.

  • Just create a regular registration (cz/en).
  • Choose to pay the deposit by bank transfer, but then skip this step.
  • The necessary condition is that you register from your work email with the domain @upol.cz.
  • The contact e-mail can be changed afterwards.

Once we receive your registration details, we will create access to the Autonapůl reservation system for you. You will receive a welcome email within a few hours and you can start your first journey with Autonapůl.

Spring for Olomouc

Thanks to our cooperation with Renault Kubíček, we can also offer shared electric cars in Olomouc. These are two Dacia Spring cars and the Spring for Olomouc project. Jenda and Teeny will always be picked up and returned to their fixed location at Holická 1224/24. Olomouc. There will be dedicated parking and charging for them so you can always be sure to pick them up fully charged and ready.

The Spring for Olomouc project offers the use of shared electric vehicles Dacia Spring. Autonapůl cooperates with local company Auto Kubíček.

Carsharing is the future

With Autonapůl you don't have to care about anything. You simply get in and drive. Just take your smartphone  (Android / iOS).

You can use dozens of cars in all 8 cities where Autonapůl operates. You can choose from a range of cars in six categories.

Right in Olomouc you can choose from five cars and among them you can also try the Dacia Spring from the Electro category.

Autonapůl is gradually adding new cars, also hybrid or pure electric cars, and the Tesla 3 is available in Brno too.

Both conservative drivers who prefer a manual  transmission and those who enjoy the convenience of an automatic gearbox will find the right fit.

You can calculate the price of your journey (fuel included) in advance in the online calculator.

Why carsharing and why Autonapůl:
  • car when you need it
  • easy registration
  • fair service
  • 24/7 support
  • everything online
  • no long term commitment
  • modern
  • sustainable

Want to know more about how carsharing works?

Watch the video.

You don't need a chip card to open and close your reservation, just an app on your smartphone.

Enjoy the offer of dozens of cars in 8 cities in the Czech Republic.

Contact us for more information.


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