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Carsharing Autonapůl also creates space for people in Olomouc. One shared car replaces up to 15 private cars. In Olomouc we offer Škoda Octavia Combi, Dacia Sandero, Renault Arkana (automat) and also two Dacia Spring electric cars.

If you are interested in the comparison of carsharing and ordinary rental, please read the article on our blog.

Advantages of Autonapůl

Autonapůl customers from Olomouc can also use cars in other cities where Autonapůl operates (e.g. Ford Transit, Renault Trafic, Škoda Rapid or Scala, electromobile Renault Zoe, Citigoe iV, Tesla). You only register once and then all the cars from 8 major cities where Autonapůl has cars are available in your mobile.

You can reshare your shared car. You are the person responsible for the booked car, but anyone close can drive. During your reservation, you can go anywhere, including abroad.

After the end of your reservation, the cars are parked in the designated parking area shown on the map below.

How much does it cost?

In carsharing, you pay for the booked hours and kilometers traveled. The price varies according to the type of car, you have discounts for longer trips. As a general rule, the maximum daily rate is ten times the hourly rate.

Price is final. Includes fuel, highway sign, service, tire retreading, insurance and other current car operating costs.

You can find an overview of prices on a special page. You can also calculate your journey on a calculator.

Need to go shopping ? For example, you can book Dacia Sandero from the Economy category for 2 hours, drive 20 km with it, pay CZK 258 including fuel.

How does it work?

Carsharing is a simple and modern service. You have got your car whenever you need it without having to take care of that all the time. You register for the service once and get access to the reservation application (Android/iOS). Each reservation then works quite easily in three steps:


Book a car
for an hour or for the whole day.
Online on your computer
or via mobile phone.

Je to snadné

You come to the car using the application (Android/iOS) or attach the card to the reader behind the glass.
The door will unlock
and you can go.

Je to snadné

When making your reservation
nearing the end, return the car
back to its zone.
And that's all!

Our goal is to offer an easy, clever and responsible mobility service. Your car in your mobile.

Do not own, just use – how to be part of Autonapůl

Want to know more about how carsharing works? Watch the video.

Mobile app

Mobilni aplikace Autonapul

You can easily book cars online using an application that is available through a browser, and mobile applications for pro Android and iOS.

The application allows you to cancel the reservation free of charge before its start or its extension.

Parking zones

More info about parking in Olomouc on the link

AutoSem! (Bring me a car!)

Possibility to bring the car where you need it. Price for one delivery CZK 299 including VAT.

Olomouc extras

Electric cars

Carsharing Autonapůl Olomouc also offers electric cars - Dacia Spring.

Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring

Our carsharing also offers electric cars in Olomouc, thanks to the cooperation of Autonapůl, the Czech representation of Renault-Dacia and the Olomouc car dealer Auto Kubíček.

Both electric cars named Teeny and Jenda will always be picked up and returned to their fixed location at the Auto Kubíček dealer (Holická 1224/24). There, parking and charging will be reserved for them so that you can always be sure to pick them up fully charged and ready.

More information how does it work on the blog.

Extra equipment

Carsharing Olomouc

All cars from the Autonapůl fleet have a valid Czech highway vignette.

Škoda Octavia Mabel is equiped by towing bar.

You can filter all this additional information in the reservation system.

Car rental Olomouc

We also rent cars for longer periods, typically a month or more. If you are interested in the exact conditions, please write to us.

Be part of Autonapůl community.

Creating space for people. Together.


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