We have started online registration

Becoming a user of Autonapůl is now much easier and faster - just online registration, paying of refundable deposit via payment gateway or bank transfer and the new carsharer can start driving! It is easier for czech speaking users. The others, please contact our support and we will help you.

Cars can be easily opened by phone or chip card. We send chip card by post. As a result, we may process a new user registration no later than the next business day.

After registration new user has the possibility to use cars in all cities where Autonapůl operates. There is a wide offer from a small Citigo to a nine-seated Transit. Autonapůl offers also a 100% electric car.

Autonapůl user can further share his/her shared car. Responsibility for the booked car has the person who signed a contract, but anyone can drive. During a trip, a carsharer can go almost anywhere, including abroad.

The basic rules for using the service are:

  • return the car with at least half the tank
  • return the car tidy
  • park in the defined parking zone (more info on the website for individual cities)
  • transport the animals only in the transport box, clean them afterwards

In case of problems we are available 24 hours a day on our support line +420 778 470 898.

We will be happy to recommend Autonapůl to your friends now, even from your town. Or another of the 9 cities covered.

how to be part of Autonapůl


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