Why would you choose Autonapůl - carsharing versus car rental

You are likely in the need of a car now. However, to buy your own is not an option, so you look around what else is available. There are car rentals and car sharings. Both look good - but how to decide? Browse thousands of websites, try to spot differences and compare what´s cheaper? That is a daunting task. We happily did it for you.

We provide to carsharers the best service available and so we decided to compare it only with the established car rentals with wide range of vehicles to rent and with multiple add-on services. For comparison we chose Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz and Sixt.

And results?


Of course, very important. We compared price for rental of a chosen car (Skoda Octavia and similar) under the same conditions, in the same city (Brno, Prague), for one day. Results show that for one day rental of such a car you pay from under 2000 CZK up to 5000 CZK. Of course, one day is the minimum rental period, shorter is not possible.

In Autonapůl you can have a car for less than a day. If you need it just for a few hours you can save substantially. Škoda Octavia Combi is at Autonapul from 690 CZK/day plus mileage. Škoda Octavia Combi is at Autonapůl from 690 CZK/day plus mileage. 


Basic rule in car rentals is that you pick up car with full fuel tank and must fully refill before return. Payments for petrol are up to you and not always you know the fuel consumption of the rented car and thus how much fuel you will have tu pay for. If you happen to return the car with half full fuel tank, the car rental company will charge you extra, sometimes with a fine.

Contrary in Autonapůl, the fuel is always in the price of rental. You pay for driven kilometres and always know how much the trip will cost you, all included. Should you get short of fuel, you pay with a CCS fuel card available in the car at the petrol station. Upon return, half-full tank is enough and you do not need to worry about searching for petrol station on the last moment.


If you browse through the offers of car rentals, you find basic information about the make of the car, fuel type and comfort features, plus a generic picture. You never know how old is the car or how often the rental company rotates new cars.

With Autonapůl, you get a car not older than 5 years. We replace cars usally much sooner than that for new ones.


In car rentals you usually choose from a category - small, big, familly, limousine etc. Car rentals usually do not guarantee that Audi that you wanted. You probably will get a car of similar category but of different make.

In Autonapůl you will always get the car you book. Booking is made for a specific car by principle.

Bails and deposits

Most car rentals require to deposit a bail of various amount before each rental. The amount usually grows with the price and category of the rented car and sometimes can get up to tens of thousands Czech Crowns.

Autonapůl requires you to deposit a decent bail of 5000 CZK when signing the contract for the first time. The contract is for indefinite period. This bail is retuned do you when terminating the contract later.


Car rentals tend to be strict with limiting the persons eligible to drive their cars. Are you younger than 25 or older then 70? You are likely to have your car a bit pricier than others. Or maybe you leave without a car at all. In 5 of tested car rentals only Europcar and Sixt do not ask for your age to determine price.

Autonapůl trusts your driver´s abilities. When singing the contract we want to see you have a driving licence and that´s it - you can go.


Big car rentals are limited by working hours of their offices. Returning the car outside of working hours or on a different spot can be charged extra.

Autonapůl car can be picked up any time you need it. It is a ful self service: at 3am and maybe very close to your home or office? No problem. You just click your smart phone or present a chip card to windshield of the car and that´s it. Nothing more.


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