Year 2020 for Autonapůl

We persevered and keep moving forward

Autonapůl - we move on

The year 2020 was exceptional for everyone, whether good or bad. It was full of twists and new challenges. The same for Autonapůl carsharing.

“We should never let reality interfere with our dreams. Reality can’t see what we can see.”

Simon Sinek

The first wave of the worldwide Covid19 pandemic stormed in during spring. And the autumn prepared a second wave for us, along with other restrictions. Nevertheless, carsharing could always continue, it was not banned, despite the hight cost of very intensive care for shared cars. It was not an easy period for Autonapůl either, but it brought us new experiences and lessons. We fought with it with honor, we persevered and we move on!

More than million kilometers covered again


The goal of Autonapůl for 2020 was to further expand and improve carsharing services in all cities where we operate. The fleet of shared cars did not grow as much as we planned during the year, but still numbered up to eighty vehicles.

We registered a drop in demand – not only in the total time of bookings, but also in the number of kilometers travelled. Nevertheless, Autonapůl users drove almost 1.2 million kilometers in 2020. And despite many restrictions on foreign travel, they visited many European countries.

Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Albania, Italy, Kosovo, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, France, Romania

We reclaim street space thanks to the support of cities

Privileged parking for carsharing

Autonapůl is carsharing that focuses on high utilization of shared vehicles. The goal is to save space in the streets, and we are doing well. According to the survey in cooperation with renowned universities, one shared car typically replaces up to 15-17 (!) privately owned cars.

The advantages of carsharing are embraced in the cities where it operates, especially Prague, Brno and Pilsen. In 2020, Liberec and České Budějovice also joined up to support carsharing in their parking policy. We believe that more cities will follow soon.

Financial results

2020 for Autonapůl

Preliminary results for 2020 show the achievement of operating profit (EBITDA) in the amount of 1854 thousand CZK, despite large declines in demand, especially in the spring. We expect a total turnover for 2020 of over CZK 12 million. Despite the great reduction in travel and the associated decline in demand, our sales increased by a few percent. Unfortunately, the pandemic cost us between CZK 1-1.5 million in unrealized sales. The total accounting loss will thus exceed CZK 1.6 million (after depreciation and interest).

Android Auto

Thedevelopment of the transport market is interesting: carsharings and bikesharings are clear winners of the crazy year 2020. As the only segments in transport, their performance did not fall drastically, resp. in some cases they even saw growth. Together with the expected economic recession, this can paradoxically mean a good outlook for year 2021 for Autonapůl.

30% of average Czech households do not own a car.

We are working on improvements

Mobile App Autonapůl

Autonapůl continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace than we expected. The uncertainty that surrounds everyone over the Covid pandemic has affected the bookings and journeys of our carsharers. Plus, it’s not easy to travel abroad nowdays. To offset drop in demand, we offered advantageous long-term leases.

Booking, collection and return of the car can now be handled completely contactless and now even easier, thanks to our new mobile application. We are working on further improvements.

For new customers  there is no need to meet in person anymore thanks to the online registration, introduced in the previous year.

We listen to our carsharers


We are available to our carsharers not only as 24/7 support on the helpline, but we also share news in the form of a newsletter, on social networks and a blog.

Based on the results of surveys among carsharers, we continually optimize parking zones or add extra equipment to shared cars.

Based on the wishes of users from Hradec Králové and Pardubice, we launched the so-called Hradubice operation. It is therefore possible to park one car in either of the cities after booking.

We received 1,641 calls a year at the helpline.

We are partners


The year 2020 did not allow us to participate in as many promotional and cultural events as last year. Even so, we met you, at least in Liberec, as part of the European Mobility Week and Car Free Day or the traditional “Beer with Autonapůl” event.

Traditionally we joined the Bike to Work challenge not only as a local partner, but also as one of the teams (and our team won wine tasting!)

In addition to membership in the Slušná firma (Decent Firm) platform, we have also joined the new Změna k lepšímu (Change for the Better) initiative. Together with other organisations and individuals, we strive for a sustainable economy.

International Documentary Film Festival Ji.hlava

We continue in established partnerships and create new ones. Cooperation with the national carrier of the České dráhy (Czech Railways) within the ČD Points benefit program is also important for our carsharers.

The International Documentary Film Festival Ji.hlava also received support from Autonapůl as a partner for sustainable mobility.

Autonapůl carsharers saved CZK 81,500 by using ČD points.

We support and help

Autonapůl for hospices

Because 2020 was in the light of the Covid epidemic, we became more involved in activities to support vulnerable groups. In the spring we provided several cars to mobile hospices in Prague, Brno and Olomouc for the price of one Czech Crown. We perceive their clients as one of the most endangered and rather neglected group.

In the winter, we listened to the request of the Portus Praha association and provided it with a Renault Trafic to transport the clients between their supported housing and the workplace.

Our cars helped during the floods in Moravia, transported the disinfection produced at Secondary Technical School of Chemistry in Brno or delivered lunches to the needy.

The organizations we supported covered 14,740 km with shared cars.

Feedback and other plans

2020 for Autonapůl

Feedback is very valuable for us, which is why we are glad that we have long been the best-rated carsharing in the Czech Republic on Facebook and Google. Thanks to this feedback, too, we see that our work makes good contribution to our society.

For the year 2021, we want to focus on the utilization of our cars out of season, streamlining the registration process and improving the mobile application for Android and iOS.

2020 for Autonapůl

We would like the idea of ​​carsharing to be shared by many more people. To show them and companies that it is not necessary to create additional obligations by purchasing a new car.

We want to continue to create space for people.

Thank you for coming with us.

Autonapůl, the first czech carsharing

Creating space for people. Together.

Bilance 2020 Autonapůl


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