Pick up a car when you need it.

Easy | Clever | Responsible

and full service in English

  • Car when you need one
  • Available 24/7
  • Internet reservation (available for Android/iOS)
  • Enjoy free parking in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Liberec, ČB center
  • Take your friends for a trip abroad
  • Try electromobile, automatic transmission, van
  • 0 CZK flat fee, prices all inclusive
  • Do not own, just use

Autonapůl in Czechia



Hradec Králové




Further cities



České Budějovice

It's Easy



Book your car for half an hour or the whole day. On-line, on your desktop, tablet or mobile.



Find the car,

present your chipcard.

The car will unlock and off you drive.



When your reservation ends,

return the car,

lock it with your chipcard.

That easy.

It's Clever

from 3.90 CZK/km 

from 32 CZK/h 

according to the vehicle category and trip length
3.90 - 7.90 CZK/km
everything included,
even fuel included

according to the vehicle category and booking length
32.00 - 129.00 CZK per hour
(max at 320.00 - 1290.00 per 24 hours)

Calculation of trip costs with Autonapůl

Number of reserved hours:
Number of km driven:
Price category:
Price from: CZK

Price to: CZK

Attention: The prices will change from 2020-03-01. The calculator will change accordingly after this date.

No need to care about service, insurance or the hassle of buying a car. We do everything for you.

For those who drive 10,000 km a year or less, there is no cheaper option than go with Autonapul.

Complete price list for downloading HERE. 

It's Responsible

We care about where we live.


We save space in cities. 
And carsharing fits very well with using metropolitan transport, walking and biking.

Cars are new and regularly maintained. They pollute the city less than old and poorly-maintained cars.
And moreover we use more environmentaly friendly LPG for fuel.