INTERVIEW: They were motivated by sustainability, so they started Autonapůl. Now they have the confirmed lowest carbon footprint in the industry in the world

At the beginning of carsharing there was a logical reasoning: if more people or households share one car, there will be fewer cars on the streets, fewer cars will need to be produced, and more people will be motivated to combine different modes of transport. As a result, fewer resources are consumed and each person in the system saves even more. This is exactly the reasoning behind the foundation of Autonapůl. And today we also have clear figures proving that it is not about perception.

Why would you choose Autonapůl - carsharing versus car rental

You are likely in the need of a car now. However, to buy your own is not an option, so you look around what else is available. There are car rentals and car sharings. Both look good - but how to decide? Browse thousands of websites, try to spot differences and compare what´s cheaper? That is a daunting task. We happily did it for you.

We provide to carsharers the best service available and so we decided to compare it only with the established car rentals with wide range of vehicles to rent and with multiple add-on services. For comparison we chose Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz and Sixt.

Renting a car abroad can be a pleasant experience: try your journey with carsharing Autonapůl

Travelling abroad can be an exciting adventure full of new experiences. Renting a car doesn't have to be an obstacle. Whether you're planning a road trip through picturesque European cities or a leisurely stay on the Croatian coast, a reliable car is a key element of your trip. Carsharing Autonapůl brings a convenient way to rent a car for your journey abroad, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience that allows you to fully focus on exploring new destinations.

Block cleaning of the streets

Traditionally, block cleaning of the streets takes place in spring and autumn. We recommend that you follow the traffic signs. Block clearing is always accompanied by local traffic and parking regulations with portable traffic signs installed at least 7 days in advance. These are portable no stopping signs that indicate the date and time of the cleaning.


Electric vehicle Dacia Spring: How does it work?

Whether you are sitting in an electric car for the first time or you are looking for an answer to a question / problem regarding electric Dacia Spring, on this page you will find everything you need to know. Electric cars have a few specifics, but there is nothing to worry about, driving them is both easy and fun.

Autonapůl: Investment offer, be part of the development of the first Czech carsharing

What started as a project of several families and individuals grew into a cooperative operating in eight large cities of the Czech Republic and currently running almost 90 cars. Last year's 20-year anniversary of Autonapůl's founding demonstrates the stability, adaptability, and contribution of our company in the field of shared mobility. As we expand our services, we remain true to our values of providing great service, respect for the environment and public space.

Year 2023 for Autonapůl

What are the highlights of 2023 in Autonapůl
The annual increase in newly registered Autonapůl users between 2022 and 2023 has increased significantly - by a full 100%.
We celebrated 20 years since our founding.
Awareness of carsharing is growing among individuals, with families, freelancers, smaller and larger companies using the service.
We launched a carsharing project as a benefit for employees not only for corporates and medium-sized companies, but also for Palacký University in Olomouc.
We started cooperation with the green developer NOHO, whose clients in the residential complex Cihlovka are provided with one of our cars exclusively.
We met the demand for crossovers from some of our car-sharing customers and added ten modern Renault Arkana cars to our fleet.
We were able to offer a service to former customers of the ending AJO carsharing, even in the busy Christmas season.
The year 2023 was turbulent in many ways, yet we invested in new projects, which we launched especially in November and December 2023.

Tips for a safe winter behind the wheel

Winter is a challenge for many drivers. There is no need to worry about anything, just pay attention to a few things. If you can, try to drive your car in an empty snowy parking lot and find out how it behaves, how the surface under the wheels feels differently and the reactions of the pedals.


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