About Autonapul

Carsharing is a modern service that allows people to use cars, without having to own and care for them. Thanks to modern communication technologies it allows more people to flexibly and effectively use a smaller number of cars. At the beginning you need to sign just a single contract which will give you access to an online reservation system and smart card. That let you find and unlock the nearest shared car and you will be ready go. You will pay for the reserved hours and mileage - so you will pay only for what you will have actually driven.

Register online. Pay a refundable deposit of CZK 5,000. All steps are described in the blog post "Do not own, just use"

You can find our cars in Brno, Prague, Liberec, Plzeň, Ostrava, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Olomouc.

If there is enough interest in carsharing in your city (typically at least 8-12 users), we are ready to set up Autonapůl there.

About payments

The price listed in the price list includes everything, there is nothing else to pay. At petrol station refuel using CCS card from the car. If you buy fuel abroad we will pay back your bill according to the current exchange rate. This applies also to other possible costs, for example, windscreen washer fluid, antifreeze or headlight lamps, which can happen on longer journeys. You can also use CCS card for car wash. We will also pay back your change used for a vacuum cleaner. The price does not include premium fuels, foreign vignettes and tolls and of course compansations for accidents you cause which are subject to the rules of insurance and participation.

It is a deposit of CZK 5,000 which you pay when entering our carsharing. Should you decide to terminate contract the full amount of the entry fee will be paid back within 30 days (according to the GTC). We try to handle everything faster. However, if you still have an unpaid invoice at Autonapůl, we will take the deposit into account in the final bill and, if necessary, send you a credit note due within 14 days.
As for mileage, that's easy, kilometers you drive will appear on your invoice. The first 200 kilometers are charged with one rate, all further kilometers with another slightly cheaper rate. As for reserved hours, it's a bit complex. In short we charge reserved hours, not only hours spent on journey. Before reservation starts you can change it as you wish. Once it starts it is completely charged even if you do not use it or finish earlier. There are some exceprions: if the reservation is longer than 10 hours then daily limit applies, i.e. for every 24 hours you pay only 10 hours at maximum, we also don't charge last hour if it's unused (so don't hesitate to book one more hour than you need, just for sure), and should you need to unexpectedly end a long reservation we will not charge more than 24 unused hours. (End of reservation is the moment when you finally lock the car with your card.) Invoice is sent every month from the e-mail address. Please set your spam filter so that the mesages from this address are not thrown away. Thank you.

Extension of the reservation is possible using the application at any time without penalty, if there is no other reservation. Just click on it and adjust the end time.

You can cancel your reservation free of charge until the last minute before it starts in the reservation system.

After its beginning, the canceled reservation is charged according to the reserved hours. However, a maximum of 24 hours.

Yes, of course, all cars have liability insurance. You do not have to deal with any disaster. In the price list we guarantee you maximal participation in case of an accident, which even for the newest and most expensive cars do not exceed 40,000 CZK. In addition, we offer a competitive insurance add-on with a maximum participation of 3,000 CZK. For details see "How is participation in case of damage calculated?".
Vehicle insurance has 3 parameters - full participation amount, the percentage participation above full amount and maximum amount. If the damage is less than the full participation you pay for the actual damage. If the damage is higher you will pay full participation plus percentage from the amount above it but not more than the maximum amount. Example: Standard insurance (full amount CZK 5 000, 20% percentage above, max CZK 30 000) damage you pay 2 000 CZK 2 000 CZK 20 000 CZK 8 000 CZK (5 000 + 15 000 * 20%) 200 000 CZK 30 000 CZK (max.) (5 000 + 195 000 * 20% = 44 000, maximum 30 000 will apply) Jistota plus insurance (full amount CZK 3 000, 0% percentage above, max CZK 3 000) damage you pay 2 000 CZK 2 000 CZK 20 000 CZK 3 000 CZK (max.) (3 000 + 17 000 * 0%) 200 000 CZK 3 000 CZK (max.) (3 000 + 195 000 * 0%)

We will reimburse you for this cost. It is necessary to prove it with a tax document, which you take a picture and send during your booking via the "Cashback" button in the booking application or by e-mail. Then insert the signed receipt into the green folder in the vehicle. More information here. We do not reimburse premium fuels, highway vignettes or tolls.

Yes. If you want to make trips on a "second invoice", you need to communicate your billing information in advance by e-mail. It is necessary to note whether it is a more permanent state or a one-time change in accounting. Enter the name of the company in the note in the reservation system and check the 'business' option.

The entire reservation is one event and therefore we can bill it only after it ends when we know how long it lasted and how many kilometers you drove. In other words it will be on your next month invoice.
Direct debit from your account (called "inkaso" in Czech) is possible. How to set it up: Go to your internet banking and allow direct debit for Autonapůl account no. 2300203634/2010 (FIO banka). Please set frequency to once per month, limit to double of your highest invoice, without any variable or specific symbols. Send us an email to with your account number. And that's all! Your next invoice will be processed automatically. If some technical problems occur we will contact you.

1. You can log in to your customer profile at You cannot use the My Train (Můj vlak) mobile application.

2. Then in the Manage my services section you will find a box called “My loyalty program” with the current number of points collected.

3. After clicking on the Detail button, you will get more detailed information about the ČD Points program and the option to choose a reward thanks to the Select reward button.

4. In the rewards you will find the possibility to exchange points for a discount voucher for Autonapůl services.

5. After paying for the ČD Points voucher, you will receive a code, which you will then send us by e-mail to

6. The discount is CZK 250 and costs  40 ČD Points. The best? The benefit can be applied repeatedly, but a maximum of one voucher per calendar month. And it applies to both new and current Autonapůl users.

7. When processing the invoice, we will then take this discount into account and you will pay less. Cannot be applied to an invoice that has already been issued. The discount will be included in the invoice for the month you send us the voucher.

More info on our blog.

If you are interested in terminating the Autonapůl framework agreement, just write it to the e-mail Do not forget to state the account number to which you want to return the paid deposit, or credit note. We would also be grateful for your feedback on why you decided to end the agreement.

If you want to use Autonapůl again in the future, all you have to do is pay the refundable deposit again and we will restore access to the reservation system.

About our cars

Yes, all cars have an annual highway vignette for Czech roads. If you travel abroad you will have to buy foreign vignette yourself. Selected cars are equipped with a highway vignette for Austria or Slovakia. Or with an Eco sticker for entry into German cities.

Cars are parked on public parking spots. For each city we have defined parking zones - so cars are never far away from you. Brno, Pilsen and Prague support special parking modes for shared cars. Parking zone maps and parking details are available at the city pages.
You know it - you are arriving to the petrol station to refuel and you do not know on which side of this car is fuel tank door... Just look at the pictogram on the dashboard. In newer cars the door is on the side where fuel pictogram arrow points. In older cars it is at the side where the fuel hose on the pictogram points.
Some cars have a trailer hitch. We try to have at least one such car in every city. Whether the car is equipped with trailer hitch you can find in its description in the reservation system (under 'Info' link).

The trailer is not currently available in the Autonapůl Fleet. Some cars have towing equipment and the trailors can be hired for a small fee eg in the hobby centers.


Nor will it be a problem, we can lend you to most cars in Brno and Prague. Please refer to your city's page for more information and procedure.

The list of cars for each city can be found on the city page in the list of cars.

In Prague have got Comfort category cars two booster seats for kids 15-36 kg in each of them. In Brno have got some cars two booster seats 15-36 kg in each of them and there is possible borrow for free two child safety seats for kids 9-36 kg.

About reservations

It is possible just between Pardubice and Hradec Králové. It is not possible in other cities. The car has to be returned to his home town and area. However, you can use cars in all cities where Autonapůl operates. For example a customer from Ostrava can go by train to Brno or Prague amd reserve and use a local car there.

Sure you can. Some states require you to have a consent of the vehicle owner with you. Please find out if this duty applies to you and if so ask for the consent in advance.
You can pass on the car to another driver (e.g. spouse, friend). Still, keep in mind that the responsibility for any damage to the vehicle and compliance with the rules of use of vehicles Autonapůl will still be up to you.
If there is no other reservation of the car in the meanwhile you can still unlock it with your card and pick up things without reservation. But the car will not let you start another ride without new reservation.
Yes, you get one free card at registration, additional cards can be purchased for CZK 100 a piece. Responsibility for the use of cars Autonapůl it is up to you as a person who signed the contract with us.

If you have a smartphone with our application, then there is an alternative option. If you have an active reservation, you can start and end the reservation using the key symbol.

Do not panic! At first take everything what is necessary to ensure your safety (e.g. move the car to the side of the road). Then, as soon as possible, call support line of Autonapůl +420 778 470 898 which will tell you next steps.