Payments for fuel by CCS Autonapůl cards

From 1 April, two changes to CCS fuel card payments come into effect.

New system called the 'posted fuel price'

Platba CCS kartami

CCS company is introducing a new system called the 'posted fuel price'. This means that at all petrol stations which accept CCS cards, the fuel payment itself is not based on the price at the station, but on the announced average rate for the whole country. This is the same for all petrol stations.

So now you don't have to worry about high fuel prices at highway petrol stations, for example, and you can fill up there with peace of mind. 

Ban on the payment of premium fuels with Autonapůl CCS cards

The second change is a ban on the payment of premium fuels with Autonapůl CCS cards. This change means that it will not be possible to use the CCS card to pay for fuels with an octane number higher than 95, for example, or with attributes such as Plus or Verva (the names vary between petrol station networks). Basically you always fill up with the cheapest kind of fuel for the vehicle, i.e. Natural 95 for petrol cars and Diesel/Nafta for diesel vans.

We have decided to do this primarily because of the still high fuel prices.

The Tank Navigator app can help you find a suitable petrol station that accepts CCS cards.


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