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Autonapůl has long been the top-rated carsharing company in the Czech Republic. You can read reviews on Google or Facebook. The use of carsharing is illustrated by specific stories of our car sharers.

Why carsharing and where lead the journeys with Autonapůl?

Carsharing helps with moving, shopping and culture

The story of Vojtěch Lukáš from Ostrava proves that carsharing can be a suitable service for private, leisure and work use. He is currently studying in Brno, occasionally needs or wants to go somewhere, and occasionally uses a shared car for the bands he plays with. After curiously trying out several carsharing services in the Czech Republic and considering everything carefully, he has been using Autonapůl since 2021.

"Thanks to carsharing, I also began to appreciate places that are not flooded with cars, but instead serve people and nature. I'm not afraid to say that this is where my view of the world has changed. There is nothing easier than to try carsharing, calculate and compare," says Vojtěch.

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Family mobility solution

"When we looked around for options, Autonapůl seemed to be the best one. According to the calculations, carsharing is better than owning your own car for up to 10,000 kilometres a year, and that's exactly our case. So car sharing worked out well for us, even in the arithmetic of money. Autonapůl buys new cars and regularly renews its fleet, which is great. Plus, they are looked after by a professional who also arranges regular check-ups at authorised garages. It's a nice community or family project, no cold car rental agency, and that's really great," Honza Dolínek sums up his impressions and experience.

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The ideal holiday is a carsharing roadtrip

Cesty s Autonapůl

Whether you're planning a trip with a group of friends or a family, consider carsharing. Pavel went on a car-sharing roadtrip across Europe and hasn't regretted his decision in any way.

"For us, the main thing was the certainty that we would have a car, it would be in 100% roadworthy condition and we could calculate in advance how much the trip would cost thanks to an online calculator. Autonapůl's customer service is also great, they advised me that it is more convenient to buy the Austrian vignette in advance."

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surprise trip

Surprise trip with a shared car as a birthday present

Get inspired how Vrát'a prepared a surprise trip for his wife. You can read there how he planned it, why he decided to use shared car and and why their family uses Autonapůl.

"We were flexible with the car, we left a smaller ecological footprint thanks to public transport, and we also saved money thanks to the clever combination of multiple modes of transport,"

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